Through my youth

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   Time lingered on and passed our 汇盛国际 fingertips.. Now I have entered the university campus. However, my youth story is still being shown. This is an unnamed TV play without a script.. I, for my part, have already performed a different plot for it..

   In 2009, due to an operation, my right side of my body could not move normally.. Maybe God is jealous of what I have, so he played such a joke on me.. At the beginning, like many people, I was sad and tangled.. But when I think about it later, if I compare everyone to an apple planted by God, it is because I love your sweet taste that you do not come to the world perfectly.. And what about us? In Dimly, our life reflects our different fates. We only need to live happily and happily without sorrow.! Other people have not experienced my life, so there is no way to tell the difference.!

   From then on, I knew that only by moving forward can one walk out of his own path. Only through more discipline will we dare to challenge even greater difficulties.. I cannot easily interpret life, because it is too difficult to control, just like Schrodinger's cat, which makes people guessing and unclear. I can only try my best to master every point of life and make it as complete as possible, which may be the best result.! The operation made me more aware of the meaning of life.. So, I began to cherish. Cherish every minute, every thing, every life that has appeared in my life in inside. Because of this, my life has no regrets, only has gone many detours more than others.. Now I will continue to interpret my youth in such difficulties.. I exist here and will bloom here.. I will not forget to give off fragrance for a series of reasons.. The faint fragrance left behind now, if released, is also quite short-lived and fleeting.. Therefore, I can only continue to be sculpted by time so that time can give me more energy and fragrance.. How time will carve me is still unknown.. All I know is that I will be more mature and stable.. At this moment, I am no longer the innocent silly child who is smiling at the fireworks on his back.. I will encounter more failures in the future, but after this, I finally found that people still have the potential to explode in the sharpening process.. Like ants, I want to be a tenacious animal, wandering in the long river of time..

   The road I am taking is at my feet, stepping out of my not vigorous but firm pace.. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is that everything is as old as before, but since I have chosen a distant place, I only care about hardships and hardships.! I will blur the disappointments I have passed into the back of my gradually drifting away figure. Turn the happiness once into the power to support me in the future.. "I've been travel-stained, the end of the world did not see the way home. "When I Haravgi tis Nikis shone in my soul, I met with success.

   "Hold the sand, let it go away. "-this is my youth message.





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