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   Article 1: Why's Reading Comments

   "Why" is a popular science book, which contains a lot of rich knowledge.. Tell us why there are stars in the sky, why the sun shines, why it rains in the sky, why the sea is a blue treasure house, why the sun shines itself before and after earthquakes, why deserts are colorful . every article tells us a little scientific truth. It can not only help me broaden my horizons and increase my singing knowledge, but also improve my interest in learning. , it can not only help me to open before, I didn't know the nine planets and the Milky Way. "Why" introduces us to the formation process of celestial bodies. I know Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth 2050: The Future of Energy, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the nine planets in the solar system.. The Milky Way is made up of many nebulae like the solar system. Earth 2050: The Future of Energy, where we humans live, is only a "small star" in the universe..

   Why is sea water bitter and salty? Before, I didn't know why the sea water was bitter or salty. After reading Why, I knew it was because the sea water contained a lot of salt.. Sodium chloride is the common salt that people eat and tastes salty. Magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate taste bitter, so the sea water is bitter and salty..

   "Why" also explains that shrimps and crabs are blue when they are alive, but they turn red when they are ripe because there is a large amount of melanin in undercooked shrimps and crabs, and there is no melanin in cooked shrimps and crabs, only red pigment, so they turn red.

   "Why" made me increase a lot of knowledge. It made me realize that the world is so rich and colorful. "Why" this book let me understand what many reasons, it is a silent teacher, gave me endless knowledge, I like "Why".

   Article 2:

   When I finished reading "Why" day by day in hot summer in inside, I had to marvel at the infinite secrets of science and the rich and colorful knowledge, which made me feel like a drop of water in the ocean inside. It was really too small.

   "Why" is a set of books that I like. It is not only beautifully produced, but also rich in content. It can help me broaden my horizon and increase my knowledge. It is a series of popular science knowledge books with 12 volumes, ranging from astronomy and geography to life trivia. Each article tells us a small scientific truth..

   It tells us how big the universe is, how the solar system was formed, what is light-year, what is black hole, what is anagalactic nebula and what is nebula . It makes me know the depth and the Beautiful Stars world is so rich in magnificent and rare.

   It tells us how the plants in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy originated and what habits all kinds of plants have. What are the animals and plants in the What Is Life Circle? How do plants depend on each other and live together? Let me understand that human beings are part of nature. We only have one Earth 2050: The Future of Energy. Without animals and plants, human beings cannot live..

   It tells us what kind of flight dreams human beings had thousands of years ago and finally realized in the 20th century.! It tells us the basic principle of all kinds of engineering and machinery, how the engine of airplane works and how the engine of car is invented . It makes me understand that to realize Walk off the Earth and fly over the solar system to explore the remote and mysterious space, human beings must learn well from childhood and master advanced science and technology..

   It tells us the latest physical and chemical discoveries in the world today, tells us a lot of basic physical and chemical knowledge in our life, why apples can relieve constipation and diarrhea, why we brush our teeth, why fireworks are colorful . let me know so much about why.

   I like Why, which makes me realize that the world is so rich and colorful, and knowledge is so interesting. It taught me that science is power and knowledge is wealth.. I like "Why". When you open the book, interesting knowledge stories make you confused.. I like "Why". This series of books is interesting, informative and enlightening. It has attracted me deeply.. How many paths lead to the peak of nature's knowledge on the Yuan Ye of nature? I will walk along this path and be a useful person in the ocean of knowledge inside..

   Article 3:

   After reading "Why", I think this set of books is very good. This set of books includes mathematical fascicles, physical fascicles, chemical fascicles, animal fascicles, human science fascicles, Earth 2050: The Future of Energy science fascicles, Cosmos fascicles, environmental science fascicles, information science fascicles, engineering science fascicles and index data fascicles. "Why" is very suitable for teenagers. There are all kinds of questions and answers in it.. For example, why is it that the number of times the coin is thrown is roughly equal to the number of times the coin is thrown back and forth?. In the process of work or study, there will definitely be some problems. More books like "Why" should be turned over. The development of modern science is more and more rapid. People need to master more and more scientific knowledge in order to know the known world.. If, under the new historical conditions, people are ignorant and backward and lack basic knowledge, they may be fooled by some Pseudoscience and pseudoscience and fall into blindness and superstition.. To this end, I must strengthen my study, improve my quality and expose all kinds of pseudoscience with correct scientific ideas, methods, knowledge and technology.. In a word, "Why" is a very good set of books, "Why", a lifetime need, generations will not forget! (责任编辑:admin)




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