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   According to the Records of the Chen Prefecture (Henan) Government, "Huayi, the old city of Jizi, is called Jicheng.". In the southeast corner of the county seat, the situation is very high. There is a shrine in Jizi.. "Xihua County Annals" said: "In Records of the Historian, King Ke Yin of Wu visited Jizi for heaven's sake and Jizi for Hong Fan Chen's sake.".


   History has always been developed through inheritance.. Xihua, located in the eastern Henan plain, is a small county under the jurisdiction of Zhoukou, Henan province.. With the rapid development of economy, urban construction has also undergone tremendous changes.. Not to mention the formation of a "three vertical and four horizontal" urban framework, and not to mention the re-winding of the fourth week Ring Road, it is said that the 30-storey landmark building Shenzhen Garden is springing up from the ground, and the flashing lights at night are as bright as the stars in the sky, which is unprecedented in history..

   My hometown of Xihua County, with the introduction of some large enterprises such as Foxconn and KFC, so far, the Jixi (Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport to Xihua) high-speed railway has been opened, General aviation is under construction, Zheng He high-speed railway has begun planning, and everything is developing vigorously.. The county town, which was originally a small town, was far from adapting to today's development situation and was quietly changed into three districts: Wa City, Kunshan City and Jicheng City.. Recently, I heard that Chengdong Industrial Park is also planning to build..

   The development of society cannot be separated from culture, and the prosperity of culture is largely reflected in inheritance and innovation.. Just saying the names of Wa City, Kunshan City and Jicheng City have profound local historical and cultural backgrounds.. We all know the legend that Nuwa refined stones to fill the sky and made people out of earth. We all call Nuwa "Grandma of the Ancestors.". It is said that the legendary city of Wa is located in a village called "Si Du Gang" in Nie Dui Town, about 10 kilometers north of Xihua County City.. I have been there more than once. A Nuwa palace is divided into several sections before and after it.. There are temple fairs on the 1st and 15th of every month, which attract people from far away..

   In the urban area alone, Nuwa Square was built in the center of the county seat in the 1980s. A statue of Nuwa was carved in the square.. This statue of Nuwa was built in the early days of reform and opening up.. The main shape is Nuwa, covered with leaves and long hair like a waterfall, holding a stone high in his hands.. The whole statue gives people a solemn and sacred classical beauty.. It is not like the statue of inside on the turntable in the southern city of Yingbin Avenue. It looks like the "flying sky" of inside in Dunhuang Grottoes from a distance, but it is more like a modern version of a goddess when entering it..

   It is very difficult to see mountains in a county town like our plain.. The so-called "Kunshan" was originally the name of a hotel in the east of the city in my impression.. Now, it has already become a health school.. However, about one kilometer northeast of the city, there is indeed a village called "Yamashita". The village is close to Jia Luhe, on the bank east of the river.. The ground there is high and the soil is reddish. It is said that it was originally a volcano.. The world has changed a lot.. Now there is a Nuwa Pavilion in Shanzitou Village, which is said to have been the site of Kunshan..

   Read Li he's "Li by Huang zhuan" in the Tang dynasty, and remember that there is a sentence that reads "the phoenix in kunshan dies, the lotus weeping and the fragrant orchid laughing". I am afraid it is difficult to verify whether the "Kunshan" in the poem is Kunshan, our hometown here.. But Li He's poem went on to write, "Nuwa refined the stone to fill the sky, and the stone made the autumn rain skyshatter.". It may be a coincidence that Kunshan and Nuwa appear in succession in a poem named inside, but this kind of coincidence can easily connect Nuwa and Kunshan. What's more, we have both Nuwa and Kunshan here..

   If we say that Wa City and Kunshan City are legends, but Jicheng originated from Jizi in the Shang Dynasty, there are records in the Records of Chen Prefecture (Henan) Prefecture and the Records of Xihua County, I'm afraid this is certain.. Jizi was an aristocrat of the Shang Dynasty. Legend has it that he was the uncle of Yin Zhou Wang.. He worked as a grand master and was sealed in the "dustpan", which is now the northeast area of Shanxi Province.. Jizi is a knowledgeable man with political talents and political foresight. He once assisted Yin Zhou Wang with his colleagues.. They were all dissatisfied with Yin Zhou Wang's cruelty and immorality. They could face Zhou Wang's "wine pool" and "Meat Woods" and indulge in debauchery. They were forced to remonstrate with their own strength and were subjected to laparotomy. Jizi pretended to be slaves because of fear.. Others said that he was imprisoned by Zhou Wang for remonstrating until King Wu Keyin was released and consulted with him on state affairs.. (责任编辑:admin)




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