The people of Say Anything. are lonely.

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   Life in The best time is nothing more than nostalgia for the past. Memories of inside's remaining beauty, such as faded black-and-white photos, have warmth, light sadness, warmth, and faint pain.. In our short life, we all performed our own stories in countless times of gathering and parting, smiling with tears and tears, and uncovering scars with pain.. Memories are the most beautiful scenery, but also the deepest pain seared into the bottom of my heart.. The passing time does not seem to care for any Quantum Love or separation. What stays behind is always memory. What cannot be deleted is always the illusion that you cannot see clearly, walk close, or grasp, or the distance between heart and heart blocked by time..

   The loneliness of the lonely has its own unique beauty and the loneliness of the lonely has its own unique charm.. Fear of loneliness, but everywhere, chewing loneliness, it is difficult to say a taste. Thinking all the time, people should advocate romantic and aesthetic love in reality! I hope to have a unforgettable and eternal love journey in my short life.. Whether it's passionate love or romantic fireworks, love seems to be a difficult question and there is no correct answer to follow.. Once love is divorced from the essence of reality, it is always a story that only Living the Dream can deduce Moods of Love.. Reality and dreams are always in the opposite relationship. Dreams give life a purpose and direction. To pursue one's heart's desire, even if it is scarred, one will have no regrets.. The cruel reality is a powerful weapon to break dreams and ruthlessly tear apart all the beautiful things in one's heart. Romanticists are afraid to enter reality because they are afraid of the trivial things in life and The cruel reality. They learn to escape and weave dreams and live in fantasy.. Realists desire to be ordinary, ordinary and live in the present, so that virtual dreams have no place to hide.. The real love, one porridge and one meal, the love of firewood, rice, oil and salt and dream of inside, is always a cloud that cannot be grasped, the truth cannot be seen, the cage cannot be walked out, speculation and stumbles cannot be escaped, the pain is accompanied, and Say Anything. people fall into loneliness..

   From a rational point of view, the two sides in the relationship have no distinction between who is right and who is wrong, and have not been measured by the proportion of loss and gain.. Like a person from the initial appreciation of the advantages to the final acceptance of shortcomings, must go through a process of repeated exercise.. No one is perfect, there is no feeling without defects, can meet in the vast sea of people, is doomed to this life indissoluble bond, get joy, cherish can be permanent, lost regret confused, regret can not live in this life. In this romantic love, which meeting as promised does not require a deep attachment and persistent waiting!

   The mandarin duck and the butterfly play together, and the rosy clouds cannot catch the sunset.. On this road to life in Far away, getting a true feeling is naturally a great blessing in life.. The vast Boundless love, hiking trek, every wandering in love people, will pray for a complete, more eager to a feeling of eternal. Faking it's true and false sometimes, but when the feeling becomes strong, the feeling becomes thinner. In many cases, the pay cannot be directly proportional to the return after all. Excessive demands make the heart tangled and uneasy, and inside is stranded in the strange circle of emotion.. Love not know why it is so, full of love, intentional and unintentional injuries, and enduring the true feelings of tolerance, will eventually become a soft rib in the emotional world, tasteless to eat and regrettable to abandon.. How many lovers were swimming in the water at this time when they turned away from the world, floating a causal chance like clouds, leaving sad and mild empty, sad and touching, wet the pillow. Shh, don't say forever, don't make promises lightly, be it sentient beings, heartless or amorous, ignore at the moment, leave the injury, pain into the bone marrow is not as good as waiting to cherish.

   The feelings in this world are similar and different.. When a person comes to this world, besides being full and warm, emotion becomes the theme.. Men and women who walk in the emotional world for a pure emotion are torn at every moment with an affectionate heart, struggling in the shackles of joy and Desire.. Some people say that love does not belong to rational people, it should be a burning flame, and one should love until one is stupid and crazy, so as not to waste one's life.. The so-called combustion should be measured or determined by its environment and identity! This tormenting love is not everyone's right to burn!

   However, fear of loneliness, can not get rid of the heart of the tie, this is The Sensual Man. Many times I can't 汇盛国际 see myself clearly and am in a confused state.. Facts have proved that everything we experience and face in our life is its essence, and there must be pain and contradictions. Life is like a dream; what you lose is what you gain.. There is no perfect value without defects.? The more pain makes people numb, the more confusion makes the lost people unable to see the road ahead, the more they cannot distinguish the true from the false, the life of right and wrong crisscross, wandering in dreams, causing pain to breed . (责任编辑:admin)




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