Please allow me to be the embroiderer of time.

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   Accidentally, I passed by a cross-stitch shop and was deeply attracted by the wonderful patterns of flying needles and stopped to admire them.. The design is so beautiful that although it cannot be compared with Suzhou and Hangzhou embroidery, it also has a different flavor.. Let me imagine that people who can embroider vivid landscapes, flowers and birds are not ordinary in their ingenuity. anyway, I can't do it. why don't you let me be the embroiderer of time?!

   My heart is full of splendor. The world will not always please you. How do you respond to the world outside the window? It depends on one's own state.. However, a woman like me is small-minded, capricious, sentimental, full of joys and sorrows, and unable to hide herself.. I often think that embroidering a flower will start the beautiful feeling in my heart. Embroidered a piece of yellow leaf, that is the old thing left over from years. Embroidered a floating cloud, is in the heart tender feelings myriad.

   I believe that the time embroidered, such as silk brocade, will be very textured.. That stitch is embroidered with all kinds of past experiences, with appropriate shades of ink and thread, which is my tranquil life.. Sweet love seems to be a common sight in soap opera inside. As a grass interface like me, all I need to do is live my little life in a down-to-earth way, watch out for messy broken sentences, and let the water flow past. Let him always owe me a look back.!

   At a certain moment, my heart was still uneasy, and I gently enlightened Escape the room and took in all my lost time.. Those joys and sorrows that haunt my heart back and forth, quiet but not silent, often pricking myself like needles, unwilling to forgive after all at some point in time, make me tearful.! May be I am too clumsy, 汇盛国际 always selfless delivery, those strong weak love, cannot bear to discard, can only use imperfect paragraphs, embroidered into my secret chapter inside.

   At this time, I just want to twist a needle and embroider my unique skills.. When needles shuttle through this soft cotton cloth, the spring when grass grows and warblers fly, the summer when Petals is colorful, the solid fruits in autumn is rich and thick, and the winter when snow is covered, the four seasons are all beautiful.. Compassionate fleeting time, slowly falls on the blue gauze, only it knows my heart. Looking back on the time wasted, I don't know, time and vegetation have no Qiang, will grow old with the appearance.. When the breeze is not dry, it is best to embroider sunshine, bright moon, charming flowers and sweet smile, and to load all the beautiful things. when the hair is frosted one day, I can roll up my clothes and read them softly..

   Believe in yourself, is a very gentle embroidery niang, like jiangnan feelings of embroidery, embroider a my jiangnan. Lotus flowers bloom, red light covers clear water, fish plays in lotus leaves, and barge listen to the rain sleeps.. I this embroidered niang, according to the window with WuPengChuan, listen to the "squeak" sound of sculling, smell the flowers, watch the rain fall, very comfortable! If you write an essay, ink and wash, gently scoop a ladle of dew in the morning, you can also moisten your heart and let the fragrance float..

   Walking on the cotton satin of the years, some are wet and slippery, stumbling, just take every step steadily.. Embroidered Zhuangzi's spirit in mind, Qingbo is even more attractive, while the power behind him is boring to disturb.. To embroider Tao Weng's non-fawn on the rich and powerful "not to say that spring is bitter, but to be afraid of losing one's mind" is the final destination.. Because I know that if you plant hedges and chrysanthemums in your heart, you will see Nanshan everywhere in your life.. Although the memory only wishes to be beautiful, the reality is always opposite, and when you look back, you are already in Birthday In Chong Qing.!

   Perhaps, poets are out of touch with the world, but the worldly life cannot be avoided, "Moods of Love is idle, and those who work and worry are redundant.".

   Embroidered a wisp of breeze, condensed the aura of nature into a quietly elegant, emitting faint fragrance if there is no.. Listening to Ride facing the wind, studying ink and listening to Fermentation starter, sitting quietly in meditation, snuggling in the favorite text inside, smelling the ink fragrance lightly, twisting the thread to embroider the softness of time, resting the sun and moon, holding it properly, is not to be disappointed..

   The Zen saying goes: "Through the dust atmosphere in the world, there is no fire in the chest that inflames the ice race. It relieves the lack of heart disdain. At present, the moon comes to the wind.". Embroidered a common heart of tolerance, out of worldly envy, change is not the surrounding environment, but their own state of mind. Thanks to the warmth of One meter sunshine, all the lost and distant tears will be dried in the sun, and then everything will be as good as before.! Embroidered my landscape, it is warm, light, joyful and bright.. (责任编辑:admin)




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