Qi Baishi's Story: Qi Laoshi's Understanding of Painting on

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   Qi Baishi's Story: Qi Laoshi's Understanding of Painting on False Truth

   Qi Baishi, a master of traditional Chinese painting, once went to the south of Beijing to do business.. It doesn't matter if this goes, but it leads to a story..

   As luck would have it, some people were selling Qi Baishi's paintings on the street stalls. On looking at them, they were all fake paintings.. Qi Lao's reputation was so damaged that he was very angry. he snapped, "why do you pretend to be my name and sell fake paintings here to deceive people?"? "

   The artist's brow wrinkled, and his plan came to mind. He smiled and solemnly replied with a set of words. How did Qi Lao hear this?? Unexpectedly, his anger subsided and he remained silent.. So, what does a pair of glib's mouth spit out?

   He said, "Mr qi, you don't understand the truth! Yes, these are all fake paintings.. You have to understand that no great painter is immune to fraud.. The more counterfeiters, the more famous he is. Nobody, nobody makes his fake paintings, besides, I sell these paintings cheaply.. Rich 汇盛国际 people still buy your real paintings. Why are you angry?? These words actually made qi old man anger all disappear, silent. "





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