If you love yourself, don't sacrifice too much Full stop

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   First, sacrificing oneself will not make everyone happy Full stop

   When I was a child, my family lived in the countryside. My family raised pigs, chickens, ducks and other small animals such as Xiao Mao. Therefore, the leftovers in my family often became the food for these animals.. My mother will deliberately increase the amount of rice because of these animals.. Later, for a period of time, the family did not keep these animals, but my mother has not yet adapted and learned to change, often cooking too much and leaving some rice.. The next day, she took the initiative to eat leftovers, and the rest of the family ate fresh meals. If anyone robbed her of leftovers like depriving her of the right to show great maternal love, she would be very unhappy, so everyone let her eat leftovers.. But when she finished eating the leftovers, there would be some fresh ones left on that day, so my mother kept the leftovers for herself the next day.. She ate leftovers for several months, and everyone felt sorry for her. finally, under everyone's persistent opposition and repeated persuasion, and because her mother finally agreed to eat less, she finally stopped eating leftovers.. From this incident, I finally found out why my mother likes to nag, complain and make others uncomfortable: she has sacrificed too much..

   I believe many children must have heard their mothers complain: I can't bear to eat or wear anything. I give you everything. I work for you from morning till night. for the sake of this family, you are so ignorant. it really makes me sad.. Perhaps it is the domination of the social concept that the mother should sacrifice herself for the sake of the family, for the sake of the children, and give herself up. Perhaps it is due to motherhood that the mother will cherish the children, love the family, work hard for the sake of the family, and pay continuously, stoop to compromise. In short, the role of mother is always associated with dedication and sacrifice. However, if a person sacrifices himself excessively and makes himself wronged for a long time, he will not feel happy and will also make people around him feel pressure..

   Many years ago, a piece of news caused widespread discussion.. There is a single mother in Harbin who has been studying for the entrance examination for her son from accompany to the entrance examination for her son.. The child took the postgraduate entrance examination twice and failed twice. He wanted to take the examination again for the sake of his mother.. But severe depression made him unable to take the exam any more.. The child stabbed himself with a knife and his mother saved him. As a result, he stabbed his mother by mistake and nearly killed her.. It is said that the mother was originally a cheerful and capable grassroots women cadres. When she made up her mind to go to accompany, she was just in her early 40s.. She refused to remarry, quit her job, sold 汇盛国际 her house and put all her life on her son. The result was not only the failure of postgraduate entrance examination, but also the destruction of the child's life..

   This mother, accompany, sacrificed a lot for nine years, but the result was so cruel that it was pitiful and unworthy. However, it also made us realize that it is not wise for women to sacrifice themselves for their children.. A mother who puts all her mind on her child and has no ideal and pursuit of her own, making her life dim, will not only live tired, but will also cause great mental pressure and burden to her child..

   Ji Bolun said well in "The Prophet's Emmanuel Child": They came through you, but not from you. Although they are with you, they do not belong to you.. You can give them love, but you cannot give them thought. You can shade their bodies, but not their souls.. Children will also have their own choices and their own way of life. They have their own freedom and thoughts. Parents who try to control their children and hope to sacrifice themselves for their children's success are likely to sacrifice their children.. However, parents who give their children room to grow up freely and do not give up their pursuit and strive hard for themselves will set a good example for their children to grow up healthily and happily..

   Many women sacrifice themselves too much when facing their children and often sacrifice themselves too much when facing their partners.. I have a male friend who is very upset recently, because his girlfriend is always angry and accuses him at every turn, and sometimes even makes personal attacks on him.. It often starts with me being you, but I get nothing. You still treat me like this, you heartless ending. It turned out that when they lived in another small city, for the sake of her boyfriend's career development, the woman gave up her job and they came to the big city together to struggle and struggle.. After coming to the big city for development, both of them have new jobs, but the man's job is extremely busy. His girlfriend quit her job to take care of his boyfriend's health. The two have lived happily in live togethe.. But the good times didn't last long. When their boyfriends were promoted in their careers and achieved little, their happiness disappeared and they began to quarrel frequently.. The girl friend was so devoted to her boyfriend that she didn't make many friends in the new city. She felt lonely when her boyfriend was too busy to accompany her.. (责任编辑:admin)




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