Dear Andre

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   It took me three nights to finish reading the book Dear Andre one after another.. I dare not read fast, even though this book is only a collection of correspondence between Lung Ying-tai and her son Andre.. The contents of inside's letter in this book are designed in many aspects, such as aging, death, Popular Art, value orientation, etc. There are many things I can't understand and experience at this age, but there are also things I can understand-they are all trying their best to understand each other, putting aside those profound things, and the love and honesty between mother and child..

   From the first two articles, "Know 汇盛国际 an 18-year-old man" and "Connection" we can see that both Lung Ying-tai in her 40s and 50s and her son Andre in his 20s are lamenting the passing of time and expressing that they all want to get to know each other again.. Andre, MM, the exchange of each letter is the intersection of the two worlds.. The two men, who are more than 30 years apart, are trying to blend into each other. can I try to get to know my parents again??

   Lung Ying-tai tried to forget the original Andre-"the little boy who let me hug, let me kiss, let me hold hands, let me worry, hair a little sweaty", but faced Andre, who was 18 years old-"there was no lovely" baby fat "on his face, with sharp lines and quiet and deep eyes.". And I want to try to re-examine my parents with the eyes of a maturing child..

   Then dad is not the so-called "strict father". He seldom looks down, and he also laughs. if he always looks calm, it can only be said that he may be "facial paralysis" as mentioned on the internet.. In fact, my father likes watching professional games online, but I can't understand the colorful Game Interface and the tactics of strange-looking things running around, but my father is always very happy. My father also watches current affairs and news on the internet, but I am seldom interested in those dense words except for some strange things..

   Of course, my father and I also have something to talk about-we can think of "a dream of red mansions" from a bowl of bamboo shoots and chickens at the dinner table, and my father will begin to tell what "redology" is. You can also start reciting Bai Juyi's "Song of Eternal Sorrow" and "Song of the Pipa" sentence by sentence while watching TV.. In fact, I don't like inside's "loving father" and "strict father", which are all too illusory.. I prefer to see a real person who quarrels when angry, praises when satisfied, laughs and cries, just like Andre and Long Yingtai. Every sentence is from the bottom of his heart, and every sentence is the truth of digging the lung from the bottom of his heart. Wrong is wrong, disgust is disgust..

   If it is true, then my mother will not get up in the middle of the night and come to your room specially to give you Tuck Mme In's mother. She will care about me when I am sick and uncomfortable, but she will not come to Tuck Mme In unless I have a fever.. My parents all think that I am no longer young, and I must learn to take care of myself.. Moreover, my mother is very trendy. Microblog, WeChat, YY (a voice software marked as a lovely あらいぐまラスカル) and the most popular games at the moment . can all be found on her mobile phone.. My father has always said that my mother and I are full of "cell phone control", so my mother and I naturally need to have more chat content..

   My mother told me the first time she saw something interesting on her microblog, and then they laughed together. The two of us will also walk on the street one night, with dim silhouettes of the street trees on both sides and a dim light from the street lamps. We will talk about the song of channel XXX tonight and walk slowly home. When visiting bookstores, my mother will think of Scarlett when she sees Gone with the Wind, and of Gone with the Wind starring Vivien Leigh and the Count of Monte Cristo, one of the few masterpieces she has seen.. In short, the way my mother and I get along is like watching a pair of sisters, chatting about games, good songs, novels and sometimes learning.. I always feel that it is not the highest level to get along with your parents and be kind to your father (mother). Just as Two Loves is with your teacher, you should also be like a friend with your parents. You can seriously discuss your study or talk about it all over the world. It is almost no words but no words, just like Andre and Long Yingtai..

   Time The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills, "An 'an" is gone, and I am growing up.. What will happen to my parents and me in the future? At the age of 20, 30, 40 . no one knows, perhaps it is already turned upside down, or business as usual. But at least the book Dear Andre tells me that it is not a bad thing to get to know my parents again every once in a while.. We are all growing up, and every time we know each other, we are closing the distance between my parents and me.. Abandoning the rigid "strict father loving mother" like The String Puppet and facing the most real parents directly, then I can truly realize the feelings of Lung Ying-tai and Andre when writing letters-it's nice to meet you.. (责任编辑:admin)




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