Slowly understand the love of parents

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   In the past, I always felt that my parents were partial and did not hurt me enough. Under the influence of this idea, I was a little estranged from my parents.. In addition, because my parents and grandparents are at loggerheads, but I am the one my grandparents love most, I sometimes blame my parents.. When I made up my mind to take the college entrance examination, I only wanted to fulfill grandpa's wish, because he had been looking forward to having a college student in his family to do credit to his face, so I always carried this hope and studied hard in high school.. In the end, DEUS lived up to his expectations and I successfully got into the undergraduate course.. After graduating from high school, I went to Dongguan to take summer jobs..

   I went to the place where my parents worked in Dongguan, which was also the factory of Tabor. My parents helped him to work.. I went there to sleep in the same room with my parents. This seems to be the first time since I grew up that I have such a close life with my parents. Because my parents work outside all the year round, I live with my grandparents.. Looking at the shabby room, I couldn't help but feel distressed. It turned out that my parents were so hard outside and the money was so hard-won. I sleep in a bed with my mother and my father makes the floor. Every time I watch them sleep with their tired bodies, my heart is crying silently.. In fact, my previous thought was really silly. How could my parents not love me? The way they love is so hard.

   In Dongguan, I started my first job in my life, that is, working as a waiter in the food restaurant of my friend Tabor.. The first time I contacted the society and made money, I understood all my parents' difficulties.. Because it was late at night, my father would come to pick me up after work every time. when I went back together, I was very touched by this silent father's love.. Sometimes, when my mother left work earlier, she would go to the market to buy some meat and cook it for us with an electric rice cooker. in fact, I know my parents are usually very thrifty. when I went there, they often added more food..

   The news of college admission came down, and the happiest thing was my father. This was an unexpected thing for me, because my parents seldom cared about my study. I thought they didn't care about my grades.. Unexpectedly, that night, my father was really happy and told my mother to invite the people in the factory to have a meal.. When I came back from work, I saw an extra page on my notebook, which was a message from my father.. My father said that he was proud to have such a daughter as me. He was useless and did not give me a good life. He told me to enter the university to fulfill my dream anyway.. After I saw it, my eyes were full of tears. It turned out that my father loved me so much and loved me silently. I only found out now.. From then on, I made up my mind to study hard, not to waste my college time, and let my parents live a good life in the future..

   When I entered the university, I did not dare to neglect the time. I studied hard.. In my spare time, I also do many part-time jobs. My classmates call me a part-time king and my roommates call me not to work so hard. In fact, only I know in my heart that the hardest job is my parents. I want to help them share some pressure.. In the four years since college, I have not wasted my time or stopped taking part-time jobs.

   Finally graduated from the university, I think it's time to repay my parents.. However, this is not the case in reality. When I came out of college, I was only able to support myself at the beginning. With that low salary, it was far from ideal.. Although I worked very hard, my salary was only 3,000 yuan, and the 3,000 yuan I didn't have to live and eat in Guangzhou was the last one in a month.. I really want to make some money to go home to my parents, but I am always unable to do it.. At this time, I met him, he helped me a lot, touched me a lot, in a strange city of inside, I took him as my rely on, he became my boyfriend.

   With him, I feel much more secure. I am no longer so uncertain and lonely, no longer so afraid of this strange city. I am no longer alone. He has become my most cordial companion.. In order to make 汇盛国际 some money to go home, I decided to set up a stall after work. I bought a stall's cloth rack and brought back hundreds of dollars of clothes, thus starting my stall in Hatsu Taiken.. For the first time, I went by myself. I took a bag of clothes and shelves and set up a stall with a bag on my back.. I was a little nervous at first, but I got used to it after a while. In fact, it was not that difficult for me, because the university often did part-time promotion work and got used to the scene.. On the first night, I earned 98 yuan and set it aside for more than an hour. I was very happy with the money I made.. From this point on, as long as I have time and as long as it doesn't rain, I will set up a stall. Sometimes I earn more, sometimes I get nothing, but I have been sticking to it.. My father was very supportive when he heard me doing this. He hoped I could learn to do business.. With dad's support, I worked even harder.. However, the business has not always been so smooth. On several occasions, I did not get the right goods and accumulated a lot of stock. The money could not be turned over, but fortunately I finally sold them out.. (责任编辑:admin)




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