May the world be gentle to you

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   I should go now, my friend.

   I tried to get close to you, close to your childhood.

   And the The Green Youth era

   But I always like to drink a little wine.

   Then shake in the sun

   I fell in love with butterflies and the flowers they kissed.

   I also love autumn

   Fruits that mature with autumn

   I admit, I am selfish

   When the river disappears

   When the sun loses blood on the face

   Disperse like fog

   My heart is filled with resentment.金洋娱乐

   You are like a The Drive to Win

   Fly to me, spread your wings and leave again.

   Many years later

   When my poetry collection is by the stove

   Red Your White Hair

   At the moment I must

   Sitting between your eyebrows

   I swear, I only love you once

   Only once

   After I left, my friend

   You have to get the bulbs of hyacinths back to the earth.

   Let her bloom white flowers

   That's what I left behind

   The only look

   She will arrive at the window.

   Quietly open

   By Jia Daobei





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