To do a good thing in one's life(2)

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   After watching last week's I Am a Singer, what impressed me most was not the singers and those angry songs, but the words that touched haya: to do a good thing with my whole life, that is, my haya. Let me remember this beautiful woman and her haya orchestra.

   Season uses one's whole life to do a beautiful thing: spring is red, summer is green, autumn is yellow, winter is white . Whether it is the tender bud just pulled out from the corner of the wall, or the brilliant purples and reds blooming at the lintel of the season, or the simple and heavy dead branches after the fallen leaves have retreated, it is a gift of life and love each other heartily..

   Snowflakes have done one of the best things in their life, that is, they have fallen in love with the earth.. A once-in-a-lifetime praise, with the purest body and soul, falls into your arms in a most beautiful posture and is covered with my mark. From now on, you have me and I have you..

   Moths have done one of the most beautiful things in their life, that is, embrace the candle flame.. With the hottest emotion, with the strongest expression, even if you already know the ending, even if you are shattered, you will touch your temperature once in a lifetime, without asking for the result, without asking for transcendence..

   I have spent my whole life doing one of the best things, that is my words.. Let it take root in my heart, blossom in my hands, and blossom with the fragrance of my soul. I think that although it rains all over the world, there is still a beautiful place where a blue sky and a soul live together..

   Whenever it is cold, I always want to say something to you. In the season of inside, incessantly chatter, there are two red petals, three green petals, a few yellow petals and a few white petals. Those Deep And Shallow's worries just fall into the words inside, jumping in my heart and warming up the whole cold day..

   Heard that it was snowing in your place, did you hear what I told you? About many years later, I would like to spend my whole life telling you, hiding in windy inside, rainy inside, seasonal inside, and finally in the Deep And Shallow script inside. (责任编辑:admin)




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