To do a good thing in one's life

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   I have traveled across bridges in many places.

   Having seen clouds many times,

   After drinking many kinds of wine,

   I only loved one person of the right and best age..

   -Shen Congwen's Love Letter

   Shen Congwen has loved a person of the right and best age with his whole life, which also makes the world remember forever.. The love letters, 金洋娱乐平台 whether humble or affectionate, the hot and sincere love words, are now hard to extricate themselves.. Two people who seem to know nothing about each other have led to this tragedy and always repent after losing it. However, even in Catastrophe, Shen Congwen turned over Zhang Zhaohe's first letter to him and read the gentle and mischievous old man in his thirties and seventies, crying like a child, sad and happy. He has been in love all his life and pestered all his life until he died. I think he was happy at that moment..

   A long life, seemingly frivolous and weak only two words, only a few, but in fact no one can say clearly thick and long.. We will meet many people in our life, and we will experience many things in our life, some of which we like, some of which we hate, some of which we want to escape, and some of which we want to forget, but there is no denying that no matter how joyful or sad tears are, they will become happy aftertaste after a long time..

   Everyone's life is not the same. Some people stand at the height of the temple and call the wind and call the rain. Some live in bright lights, some live in busy cities, and some are hidden in the mountains.. However, the stages of life are basically the same. Everyone has to go through the process of becoming snow in Timecapsule, die of old age, arrive naked and leave with a wave of his sleeve..

   The green ash in the corner of the wall dropped one layer after another. The seasonal incessantly chatter dropped one after another. The geese in front of the door changed batch after batch, and they had already forgotten what they looked like.. We all want to seek a long-term friendship or love after going for too long, but the world changes too fast and there are too many novelties, which make us keep a more ancient interest in one thing, too few.. If there is one thing, there is one person who can give your whole life to complete and love, what a wonderful thing it should be.. (责任编辑:admin)




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