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   Lu Yan

   Beautiful snowflakes are flying. I haven't seen it for three years.. Last year in Fujian, it seemed a little later than now, I also saw snow.. But it was snow on the top of the mountain in the distance, not snowflakes flying.. On the plain, it just drops down with the raindrops accidentally and does not fall to the ground. Its color is gray, not white. It weighs like raindrops and does not fly.. As soon as it reached the ground, it melted into water without trace, jumping or making a sound like snow in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.. This kind of snow, for the first time in 40 years to see its elderly Fujian people, it is true that can feel special meaning, talk with relish, but in me, but always feel boring. "It snows in Fujian," I have never thought of it this way.. I like the snowflakes flying in front of me in Shanghai.. It is the "white" white, is also the same beautiful flowers. It seems lighter than air. It does not fall from the mid-air inside, but is rolled up by the air from the ground.. However, it is like a living creature, like swarms of gnats at dusk in summer, like bees in the period when honey is flowing in spring. Its busy flight is either up or down, fast or slow, sticking to people, or rushing into windows, as if it has its own will and purpose.. It is silent. But when it flies, we seem to hear the cries and footsteps of millions of people, the surging waves of the sea, the roar of the forest, and sometimes the earnest whispers of lovers, the peaceful evening prayers of chapels, the joyous singing of birds in the garden inside . It brings gloom and cold. But in its flying posture, we saw the charitable mother, gentle lover, lively child, smiling flower, warm sun, silent sunset … it has no breath. But when it threw itself on our flour, we seemed to smell the fresh and clean air in the wilderness, the elegant orchid in the valley, the rich rose in the garden inside, and the light jasmine . During the day, it made hundreds of graceful gestures. At night, it shines silvery on our passers-by and paints various flowers and trees on our glass windows, oblique, straight, curved and inverted. And the river, the clouds in the sky . (责任编辑:admin)




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