Keep flowers blooming, keep helpless

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   Keep flowers blooming, keep helpless

   The sound of the harp is bitter and the wild goose flies across the sky..

   Countless wind and rain in the world, how many helpless alone.

   The hardest thing to walk through is still being alone and lonely.. -inscription

   Although, can't let go of inside's gentleness, how can you be lonely. Flowers, white branches, windows, cold loneliness, and how many hardships day and night, to the direction of the empty hanging night, miss hentai painting fan, looking at the cold moon west, heart not ended, feeling difficult but. Yes, a helpless oneself, gently drinking 金洋娱乐平台 and sipping the condensed fragrance, floating away the thin shadow, horizontal oblique water outside, if the flowers wither, dream of inside countless, where are the people!

   Clear and light cloud and mist, foolish and distant looking, open a deep door, only this house with many scales hides the remoteness of the heart and falls into endless sorrow.. I had to comfort my emotion, stop to look forward to it, and ask the dust to settle. It was already The?things?are?still?there?,?but?men?are?no?more?the?same?ones?.. Xie Liu fly and Cang Cang LuHan's Fans (Reed) have passed the world of mortals, and their tears have stained their prosperity. The long years and endless fleeting time have passed.. Patching up the dusk sky, I just want to stroll in the afterglow of inside, hold up the vaguely past, and finish the heart of a drunk dream. I wish to have a bodhi tree and water, and then cross the border for a lifetime.!

   Quietly, sitting in a between the mountains and water, counting the marks of time, I felt sad all over the place. How can I laugh at the thoughts of Residual red and inside, how many times Yan came to Yan, how many times autumn came to spring?. He silently observed flute's grief and lamentation, looked back at his hands and looked at his tearful eyes. However, it was a bit of debris that separated me from you. It was cold as cold water, bitter as coptis chinensis, and he swallowed The Lips's tears. What kind of Fermentation starter The Sorrowful Lute was it?. There are neighbors in the south of the Yangtze River. Why do you ask for flowers and heaven? Who waits for spring and water, spring and summer, autumn and winter, sorrow rises and falls, and both sides are hazy.! (责任编辑:admin)




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