Lu Xun's Story: Lu Xun Cherishing Time

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   Lu Xun Cherish Time;

   Lu Xun, a great thinker and writer in our country, cherishes time very much.. He has a famous saying: "Time is life. To empty others' time for no reason is tantamount to murder.".

   Lu Xun did cherish his life. He spent other people's time drinking coffee and talking about the sky on work and study.. Lu Xun also urged himself to cherish his time, study hard and work hard in various forms.. When he was in Beijing, inside, his bedroom and study, hung a couplet which collected two poems by Qu Yuan, a great ancient poet of our country. The first couplet was "Don't be 金洋注册 anxious when you see the sun setting". The second couplet was "Fear of the pelican singing first" (fearing that the cuckoo will cry early when it goes back to spring). On the wall of the study is also a picture of Mr Fujino, a Japanese teacher whom Lu Xun reveres most..

   Lu Xun wrote in "Life is a moment story": "Whenever I am tired at night and want to be lazy, I catch a glimpse of his dark and thin face in the light on my back. It seems that I am about to say something cadenced, which makes me suddenly find out my conscience and increase my courage. Therefore, I lit a cigarette and continued to write some words that are deeply painful and painful for the" gentleman ". "Lu Xun used the couplets and photos he got along with day and night to urge himself to hurry up. It is precisely because of this spirit of saving time and life that Lu Xun extensively covered many fields of natural and social sciences during his 56-year-old life journey, translating more than 10 million words in his life, leaving a precious cultural heritage for future generations..





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