My wish composition is 300 words(3)

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   I have a little wish, that is, let all the bad guys disappear and let the good guys stay in this world.. I have a little wish, that is, magic like Harry Potter.. I have a small wish, that is to study first.. I have a little wish, that is, to have a body like Superman and be able to lift a Earth The Power Of The Planet.. If there are bad people to rule this Earth 2050: The Future of Energy, I will stand up and save this Earth 2050: The Future of Energy..

   I have a little wish .

   Article 5: My Wish

   Everyone has his own wishes, and I am no exception.. My wish is to be a scientist..

  When I was a scientist, I wanted to invent a kind of R.U.R.. It looks like an ordinary robot, but it can imitate human language.. This robot can help the disabled walk, even become a car to run automatically, and can also go into the water and fly into the blue sky.. The robot can also cook, and can also make different meals according to people's heavy and light mouths.. You can also choose different dishes to cook by it..

   He also has navigation and automatic refueling functions. If you are lost in the desert, don't be afraid. If you are in Carry It On, it will lead you out of the desert. What if the robot runs out of oil at work?? You just press the automatic oil filling 金洋娱乐 button, and its oil tank can clearly see the oil rising bit by bit.. You don't need to buy petrol. You just put some lubricating oil in its processing box inside. After processing, it becomes the oil for the robot. This robot does not need electricity. It is an energy-saving robot..

   In order to realize my wish to be a scientist, I will study hard and redouble my efforts from now on..

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