My wish composition is 300 words(2)

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   I also want to be a teacher, teach all my knowledge to my students, and train them into talents useful to the society..

   Ah, I wish too much! I know that if I want to realize my wish, I must study hard now, master more knowledge and strive hard for the realization of my wish in the future.

   Article 3: My Wish

   Everyone has his own wish, some want to be a teacher, some want to be a pilot, and my wish is to be a painter..

   Why do I want to be a painter? That's because when I was four years old, I took part in the kindergarten painting competition, and I won the gold medal. I was especially happy.. However, just when I was excited and happy, one of my female classmates broke my good mood and said, "It's great to think I won a gold medal."! "I ignored her at that time and thought to myself:" I think you are crazy fits of rage and jealousy. What are you talking about? If you can compare us, I must surpass you. "So I want to be a painter.

   If my wish comes true, I will like grandpa qi Baishi, see the rainbow outside the window, the natural beauty and naughty animals-I will draw it down. I will carry a picture clip on my back to sketch in the wild. Even in cold weather and heavy rain, I am not afraid. I'm going to draw down the beautiful scenery outside, look at the picture and draw again.. Isn't this how Grandpa Qi Baishi became a great painter?

   He who has ambition will succeed. As long as I study hard, I will certainly realize my wish..

   Article 4: My Wish

   I have many, many wishes, I'll share them with you. I hope you don't cancel me..

   I have a little wish that I have wings. In that case, I can lie on the clouds across the sky. When I look down, the houses on the ground are like toys and the crowd is like ants.. I have a little wish, that is, to be an inventor, then I can make many useful things, I want to make the atmosphere, if there is water shortage and drought, then I can press the green key; Quickly gather water vapor, and in a short time there will be heavy rain.. Also invented a kind of sugar, as long as eat a piece, can a few months without eating, there will be no hungry people in the world. (责任编辑:admin)




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