My wish composition is 300 words

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   Article 1: My Wish

   As a child, I had a magical wish to grow a pair of wings like birds and fly freely in the sky.

   When I really grow a pair of wings, a pair of white wings, I will become a strange "feather person", can fly freely in the sky. At that time, I can fly to all parts of my motherland and to the whole world.. No one can control me to fly wherever he wants to.! In the evening, I can talk to the moon and talk about things in the sky and on earth. You can also sing and dance with the stars. Swing with the Big Dipper.

   As I grow older, I know that my wish cannot be realized and human beings cannot grow wings.. However, I believe it is possible to make my dream come true with the help of high-tech achievements in the future. Then I can carry a pair of wings and fly freely under the blue sky. Maybe I can also compete with the birds in the sky. Who can fly fast?.

   If only my wish had come true! There are all kinds of beautiful "feather people" in the sky. They can go to places they want to go freely and quickly without traffic jams, traffic accidents or air pollution..

   I really hope that beautiful flying wings, which can bring us freedom, can be developed as soon as possible.!

   Article 2: My Wish

   I want to grow up became a scientist, exploring more mysteries of nature for mankind..

   I want to be a superman. when there are bad people and the police have not arrived yet, I will help the police catch the bad people..

   I want to be an excellent sniper and devote my youth to people's peaceful life..

   I want to be a doctor and treat diseases for people, which makes everyone healthier..

   I want to be an inventor and invent many useful things for mankind, making people's life easier and more convenient..

   I want to be a writer and write many perfect and interesting works for children..

   I want to be a painter who travels all over the country, drawing beautiful scenery and making beautiful picture books so that those who do not go out can also understand the beautiful scenery of the motherland.. (责任编辑:admin)




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