Stupid girls should learn to master the situation before the(2)

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   In fact, I also learned this truth after a long time.. When I was 25 years old, I was also a stupid girl, very stupid and stupid-until one day, an older woman said to me, born as a woman, although you have to be very passive in many times, but you must learn to control the situation, love is a disease, like all diseases, don't delay when you get it-so the most important quality of being a woman is "Worry about personal gains and losses"-because you are afraid of losing, so you dare not do anything.. And because dare not move, so helplessly let time flow away. How many 25-year-olds are there in a woman?? The big deal is to have one less man to play with you. What are you afraid of?? What you want is not a man who can play ball with you. What you want is affection and love. If he can't give you, what do you keep him for?? Playing ball is different from who plays it.?





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