Stupid girls should learn to master the situation before the

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   A girl, 25 years old, graduated from master's degree, without any emotional experience. Both in appearance and body, slightly fat. Because he likes to play ball, he knew his male colleagues from another department. From then on, he would call her to play ball every rest time, and later he would play for a while after work.. He also chatted when playing basketball. He was very fond of joking. She was worried about him..

   Later, they often chatted through QQ. She occasionally asked him for some movies, music or other things, or asked him some questions about playing skills. His reply was also very timely.. He is always hitting her in QQ, which is a kind of "hitting" with a teasing nature, such as "teaching you to play ball is more tiring than teaching circus monkeys" . but he seldom gives her QQ initiatively unless he calls her to play ball.. Also, he would joke with her when he had the chance: "You should lose weight.". "

   Later, the company 金洋娱乐 organized to go out to play and take a bus. He just sat behind her and chatted a little, but there was no substantial progress.. He brought a digital camera, because each department moved separately, so he would take a few shots of her every time he met at the scenic spot, but she was not confident in her appearance and would always hide.. That's all for all the contacts. He never asked her out on his own initiative.. On one occasion, playing ball just two days later was Dragon Boat Festival. The company had a holiday. She asked him how he spent his holiday. In fact, he had a hint. He actually said, "Sleeping at home."! "

   This is probably the situation, she doesn't know what to do-even if he has a girlfriend, she doesn't know. And they have been together for more than half a year since they met. He would call her to play ball every day. She would always recall the time when she played ball with him alone when she was lonely. Everything was so happy, but then what happened??

   I can't bear to tell her what will happen next-if she waits passively, maybe one day the boy will really tell her, but which day will it be?? Is it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or some day long, long later?? Maybe the result of waiting is no result. She and he just missed it. One day he may bring a girlfriend who will gently say jokes or blessings to him as usual.. She wasted her youth in this way, and he-perhaps he would occasionally think of her after suffering from other women's injuries, that's all.. Men are all like this. When did they really love a kind woman? Unless after they are scarred. Therefore, to be a kind woman, one must have patience, while to be an unkind woman, one can play with men in one's hands, and men will shed tears for them, grieve for them and even fight for them.. (责任编辑:admin)




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