Autumn whispers(4)

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   Looking up at a blue sky, it is empty and lofty. The sun is gradually softening in your hearty laughter, squinting and looking down at you gently. It also appreciates your abundance! (American Literature Reading Network

  An Autumn Rain and a Cool Rain. Your rain is clear and cool, and a child recites in a milky voice, "Autumn rain is a key.". It brought cool and gentle, gently, gently, while you didn't pay attention to, open the door of autumn . "

   Yes, the rain last night was autumn rain, which drenched the fluttering and impetuous dust and cooled people's hearts for a summer.. The Boston ivy on the wall of the residential area is no longer growing fast. It leans on the wall to cultivate its morality and accept the baptism of autumn rain. You can change its color.. In your whispers of autumn, and in your dust-free autumn heart, Qian Shan Wanshui has gradually quieted down. Green is no longer spreading willfully, flowers are no longer spreading, flowing water is no longer noisy, life has passed through prosperity, and it has gone into ease in gradual realization..

   I watched you for a long time, and in your autumn whispers, my heart gradually became quiet and dust-free.. If life can be divided into four seasons, will I gradually enter your season at this time? if so, I hope I can be as elegant, rich, bright, clear and calm as you are..

   Light Shadow and Light Smoke





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