Autumn whispers(3)

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   "Since ancient times, autumn is sad and lonely. I said autumn is better than spring. "Now, you are spinning the lightsome dance steps, fall into my eyes, naturally your elegant, rich, bright and clear, beautiful, calm.

   "Picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, carefree see nanshan. "Chrysanthemum is beautiful and elegant," light muscle weak bone scattered you yuan, more will Jin Rui pan Liuxia. If you would like to know the medicine that can prolong the life of a person, flowers begin to bloom when all herbs are destroyed.. "You in leisurable, embroid, warm and gentle chrysanthemum, edify the temperament of the world, chrysanthemum contains the way to preserve one's health and raise one's sex, faint as fragrance, in the autumn wind of your relaxed transmission sermon. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, under the bright moon, fresh and elegant chrysanthemums, a few fragrant teas, two or three relatives and friends sat around together, "very subtle Yun Xiu wrote in the frost, and her tongue smelled sweet on The Voice of the Moon.". "At this point, everything is god horse cloud, only chrysanthemum, is the most true temperament.

   If chrysanthemum is your soul, osmanthus is also your soul..

   "Not human species, moved from inside, luna incense, blowing full mountain. "

   Your sleeves are long and comfortable, and a little fragrance is sprinkled on the branches of the laurel tree. The "dim light yellow body and soft sex" small flowers are elegant and introverted, and the "sex trace is far from fragrant.". "The aroma of the train, dense with autumn scenery.

 金洋平台  You fly lightly and gracefully over the rice fields, the rice waves rise and fall in your gentleness, and with a gentle wave of your delicate hands, you sprinkle light wind, drizzle, warm sun, happiness, and plump every grain. A border of corn fields, a closely followed by a neat stand of corn trees, against the Corn of Huang Cancan, bracts can no longer wrap its fullness, revealing a brilliant smile, grateful to you for your unreserved giving; The snow-white cotton with big smiles is a joy you cannot hide in your heart, so you will be elated on the branches, allegorizing the warmth of this winter.. Therefore, Smile, You, hearty laughter reverberates between heaven and earth. You whisper with them the joy of bumper harvest. All the hills and fields convey your low whispers. Leaves infected with Qian Shan also rejoice in your arms and blush with laughter.. Fruits are no longer hiding among the branches and leaves in a green way, hanging on the branches in full maturity, intoxicated in your laughter.. (责任编辑:admin)




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