Autumn whispers(2)

时间: 作者:系头

   I can't find any sadness in your quiet and calm posture.. Why do you always say that you are a cool and sad season??

   "Sad! Autumn is also called qi. Bleak, vegetation shake down and decline . "Since Song Yu, feel sad with withered scenery in the autumn is Song Yu's sorrow for Chu's decline from prosperity.. Listening to the rustle of autumn wind and the swaying of fallen leaves, he recalled Chu's prosperous scene of "ten years of ten thousand horses, ten thousand chariots and ten thousand chariots". he couldn't help but lament that he was living in a foreign land, old and useless. a turbulent country, like fallen leaves in autumn wind, did not know where to fall.? However, there is nothing he can do to witness it, so he can only borrow the scenery and lament the sorrow in his heart, lament the sorrow for the country and the people..

   Song Yu feel sad with withered scenery in the autumn has written sorrow as the background of your feelings into Chinese poetry circles ever since.. You are adjacent to winter, and it is easy to let people sigh with emotion that the years are not spared. You are indeed a harvest season, but Chinese scholars of all ages have met with many talents. Seeing you with fruitful achievements and thinking that you have achieved nothing, it is easier to give birth to the feeling of sadness.. Therefore, feel sad with withered scenery in the autumn's poems were left in countless dynasties.. Feel sad with withered scenery in the autumn thinks of its own bad luck, An Unfinished Life and worries about the fate of the unstable countries.. Therefore, the state of mind makes the scene, and the heart hurts the scene.. No matter how clear and bright the scenery is, it will lose its original color in the sad eyes..

   I am undoubtedly lucky. I was born in an age of stability and no worries about food and clothing. I have been walking in a low-temperature and low-profile manner. I am not happy or sad, and I am comfortable. I occasionally have leisure and interest. I spread my paper and ink and walked between the lines of inside, expressing my poetic and artistic feelings directly.. (责任编辑:admin)




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