Autumn whispers

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   You always like this, inadvertently, with your charm and charm, quietly came to this southern city with the last song of cicada singing in summer.. I stood at the window wondering whether it was a rain last night that drenched the summer heat, and the wind coming today was slightly cool.. But looking at your attire dancing up leaves, suddenly, summer has quietly left, at this time you are the protagonist of this world.

   Posterity And Perplexity, yellow-leafed land, you wander in the boundless heaven and earth, watching the autumn waters merge into the sky, listening to the whispers of the fallen leaves and rustles. They are telling you the story of spring and summer in detail..

   You admire the softness and charm of spring, and the flowers of grand view in brilliant purples and reds make you one's thoughts fly to. With your chin on your back, you lean curiously on the window of lang lang's book and listen to the students read Zhu ziqing's "spring" with deep feeling: "spring is like a baby that has just landed. it is new from head to foot and it grows. Spring is like a little girl, walking beautifully dressed and smiling.. Spring is like a strong youth, with iron arms and waist and feet, leading us forward.. "So you can imagine the appearance of spring without end. It is the beginning of all new life and has beautiful yearning..

   Although Xia's temper is somewhat impetuous, his unrestrained, enthusiastic and unruly personality makes you heartache.. The sky is full of clouds and rosy clouds, and the flourishing vitality makes you look forward to it.. In order to witness his energetic appearance, you followed him closely, but he waved his hand without taking away a cloud, leaving you the stage of this world and the amorous feelings of this season..

   Looking at the fluttering fallen leaves, you are meditating, the fallen leaves are calm.. You can read out from the faintly visible veins on the pale yellow leaves how they have experienced today's calm from the newly-born tender green walking through the seasonal clouds, rolling clouds and wind and rain.. They deeply understand that the change of seasons is an unavoidable natural law.. You understand that the disappearance of spring and the disappearance of summer are not heartless. Their magnificent turn has brought you today's charm.. Therefore, for spring and summer, you cherish reverence, just as one cannot forget one's origin.. (责任编辑:admin)




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