Without her, is all that remains is loneliness?

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   Without her, is all that remains is loneliness?

   After graduating from college, she obeyed her mother's request and returned to her hometown....

   Once upon a time we were so fond of each other, whispering about the future life plan and the road ahead, and laughing together.. Once upon a time, we cried for the death of our newly-bought pet dog and hugged and wept bitterly and cried together.. Once upon a time, we talked on the phone until late at night to miss each other. We reluctantly responded to the moon outside the window and covered it with a thin quilt. We loved each other together..

   Even so, we were separated from each other. On that day, we said nothing. I didn't go to the station to see her off. I turned off my cell phone. Under the catalysis of alcohol, the whole world was full of her shadow. We played on that path. In that billiard hall, a inside imitator, a snooker expert, savored some kind of delicious food on the roadside stall....

   Everything will become a long memory, a dream that I don't want to wake up but have to wake up. During that time, inside understood the meaning of destruction, and realized the feeling of loneliness and loneliness. When my heart was depressed to the extreme, I suddenly remembered that I should go to find her and explain everything. We were so in love..

   When I turned on the phone again, text messages came one by one. I was really stupid. I not only tortured myself but also tortured her and my loved ones. I immediately replied to her: Wait for me!

   On the Internet, I frantically searched for all the information in the area where her family is located, found a good place to live, and then left for work. We studied beauty and makeup in college, and thought that this job would be quite easy to find. Therefore, I posted resumes on all the recruitment websites found by search engine inside. After all, I quietly waited for the interview call with sweet expectation, and took advantage of this time to pack up all my luggage.. It didn't take long for me to get a call. It was a very powerful company. The speaker was very gentle. In the previous introduction, I only heard the name of the company and the resume I saw on Meicheng. I had training before work. As my qualifications met the requirements, I had an 85% chance of being hired. When I was sure, I 金洋注册 stepped on the train to the south, got off the bus, saw the thin woman and hugged her tightly. I don't want to let go again in my life.. (责任编辑:admin)




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