Niang is the person who loves you most in the world

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   Niang is the person who loves you most in the world


   She was born in a small village, and her parents are both farmers, who have lived there for generations.. There is also a younger brother and younger sister under her. She washes clothes and cooks as a child and acts as their babysitter. Children of the poor are in charge early on..

   However, she is a woman with extremely high morale. Since she was young, she felt that she should not be born in such a family, but should be one of those in Rich.. But she had no choice but to study hard to change her fate..

   Her mother is a little woman with only the third grade education. She is married to a man who likes drinking too much. She is busy for her husband and children every day. She has never been herself after finishing her family's busy work in Tian inside.. In her little heart, such a life is really boring.

   And she has never received more love from her mother. Since she was young, she knew to give delicious and fun to her younger brother and sister. She never thought of Heavy Petting or anything like that..

   Every day at school, the younger daughter of the chicken king next door called her to go with him.. Little girls of the same age are all beautifully dressed, and her clothes are the most plain and common.. Her heart is not without envy. One year during the Chinese New Year, she took a fancy to a skirt with a small lace. Her eyes stayed still on it. Her mother came over and pulled her apart, muttering: "It's too expensive. It's worth a bag of grain.". "

   For several nights after that, her dream inside was that little skirt, and tears wet the pillow towel.. How angry she is, why should I be born in such a family?? Why should I have such a mother? Childhood has no toys, no beautiful clothes, only should not belong to her precocity. Stubborn, she always pretends not to care in front of outsiders, because she has the most proud capital and her grade is the first in grade.. (责任编辑:admin)




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