Sentimental years

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   Sentimental years

   "if time could stop at the moment when we first met, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan. "It has been three consecutive days. Xu Duo has seen him outside the complex building three days after class.. Early summer, dusk. The students who came and went finished the day's lesson while chatting. sparrows chattered on the street lamp. Fresh short hair, corners of the mouth up boys gently leaning on the railing outside the building. Just once, Xu Duo lapsed into a trance.. She inhaled deeply, pinned a wisp of hair on her cheek behind her ear, and passed him quickly, her heart pounding. Looking at the girl walking away with her hair curled slightly, the boy straightened up..

   "You, remember the first person you like? "More and more frequent meeting, disturbed Xu Duo mood. She knew him, a senior in the same college as Deng Qian's sophomore year, and vice president of Xu Duo's club.. As a small official, she did not have many opportunities to communicate with him.. In this way, the bottom of my heart has an object to worship.. Xu Duo Secretly Exhalation. Yes, a good-looking boy like Deng Qian must be very proud too.. During the meeting together, Xu Duo also "studied" Deng Qian openly when a group of directors teased him.. Deng Qian occasionally responded to everyone's jokes. His smart T-shirt, khaki pants, sneakers and smile were all just right.. "blossoming, go! "Xu Duo was dragged by another director-general through Deng Qian's side, she smelled his whole body Wie Licht Schmeckt. The name "Duoduo" Xu Duo doesn't like it. It sounds like a child. That person must feel childish?

   The young girl walked past her with her furry head slightly curled, plaid shirt, cotton skirt, and the name "blossoming" was really suitable for her.. Such as money than chin again, originally she is so short.

   "Static female its girls, as soon as I am in the city corner. "Maybe this is Xu Duo An Unforgettable Day forever. 金洋娱乐注册 The boy looked down at her with dark eyes as still as the night sky.. At that moment, the early summer and the gentle breeze brushed her eyes, the rustle of leaves quivered, the boy's thin The Lips slightly opened, flowing out a mellow voice: "Xu Duo, Pisces, like puppies, like delicious food.". The dream is to go to the seaside with future people.. So, Xu duo, am I qualified? "Heart missed half beat, Xu Duo stay leng with his mouth open, can't believe my ears. A gust of wind blew and the flowing air smelled of ancient camphor trees and surrounded them.. Looking at the girl's eyes glistening with water and lifting her head, Deng Qian smiled and showed her white teeth.. He took her face in his hands, and the wind from the unnamed lake was blowing slightly, with the smell of early summer and the delicate smell of wisteria.. He looked at her glittering eyes and whispered: "It is not the first time we met when you joined the club, nor am I waiting for you to finish class outside the building by chance. Perhaps the girl with ponytail and leg punished by the instructor was my accident during military training.". "For such a person, waste can also say what's wrong, her eyes already wet. It seems that military training has brought her great happiness instead of punishment.. In this way, many of them had already been put into his arms. She held out her hand to encircle the boy's lean waist line and listened to his fluctuating heartbeat. She said sullenly, "You are so sure that I will promise you."? ""Of course, how can I not see that you also like me? ""ah! ——" (责任编辑:admin)




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