With a touch of streamer, only you are gentle.

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   October will soon retreat, the mood is quite not quiet. In love distance, the moon is clear, the wind is few, and a lantern's cold gleam, lonely in the night.

   A little bit of gloomy mood dancing with the wind. A spectrum of Fermentation starter High Mountains and Running Water, the heart moves with the string, eternal bosom friend understand, lingering fragrance years.

   The water is silent, but the flower is still falling.. After Qian Fan's death, who will accompany him?? Smoke past, coloured glaze like a dream. Walk Alone, it's a long life. I don't know if I can find the way back when I came..

   金洋平台 The wind broke into a cold snap overnight, shaking off tears.. Looking at Ellylaw Road, the child returned to Xi Xi? The moon has its ups and downs, and people have their ups and downs.. At that time, the moon was bright, the hearts of passers-by at this time were still in turmoil, and the love affair could not be cut off. After waiting for several times, it was finally broken..

   Express one's writing, pour a blank ink rhyme, love The Ideal City, pour the world gentleness. Turning worries into trickling water, flowing in the words of inside; Turn thousands of feelings into zero stars and dot the moon with inside in the night sky.. Still see the moon rise and fall, is also don't have a taste in my heart.

   My path has wound, through a sheltered hollow, to the end of the mountain and the water, smile to see the clouds rise and fall.. Love and hate parting moment, deep feeling has become empty, difficult to give a cavity tenderness drunk, perhaps, because expectations are too deep.

   Guzheng melodious, green yarn swaying, looking forward to talk, only willing to embrace the moon and long end. The cool breeze was blowing, and countless anxieties and anxieties were silenced.. I am in inside with people coming and going, waiting to meet you..

   Always used to comfort the soul with words, used to banish the hustle and bustle of life in an elegant and simple music.. Standing quietly in front of the court, watching the light clouds and wind, looking at Jingshan clear water, a bright moon and a cool breeze, singing a song of autumn water and sky.. (责任编辑:admin)




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