The end of the road is still the road, as long as you are wi(2)

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   I saw a lot of fish in Fairy Lake. Tourists were busy taking photos as a souvenir.. The sculpture in Baigujing is full of children begging their parents to take pictures for them.. Are people from different places here looking for anything??

   I forgot to say, I was wearing high heels that day, and by the time I got to the 18th set, there were layers of stairs.. A passer-by said, "Girl, it's too late to climb. The high heels you wear are not good for climbing.". "I looked at my dress, high heels, long skirt, arm has been bitten by mosquitoes several bags. I know, when I came, it was already 3: 30 p.m.. This is my first time here and I have no time to climb the whole mountain.. Although there are cars that can be paid to go to Water Curtain Cave and Huaguo Mountain. I feel that since I've come to climb the mountain, I don't feel like riding again.. I remember there was a little doll, still wearing small pants with exposed crotch, two years old, right. Under the care of their parents, they also climbed the steps of 18 sets one after another.. Also smiled at me, smile so clean and pure.

   I did not climb to the top of the 18th set that day. The sun had already set "MENWEN". COM. CN".

   On the way back, I met my former client. The world is really small.. When I used to work in store 4S, my customers had a good impression of me.. No matter whether you finally bought a satisfactory car or not, you are familiar with it.. The customer said that he was always very busy before. He was too busy to have time to relax and take exercise. He got fat.. Especially after buying a car, it is even harder to climb mountains and walk.. It is always when you are tired that you find that you need to be better to yourself.. Keep your legs open and exercise your health..

   I would like to say that most of the time travel is not a good medicine to save oneself, but a mood.. Only by embracing nature can Open Heart feel fully. Come out for a walk, found that nature has so much tolerance, it contains their own willfulness or unhappy. It is willing to listen to you quietly, don't worry about it leaking secrets. No matter how difficult life is, please don't feel despair, but bravely walk with your legs open.. (责任编辑:admin)




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