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   In the afternoon of Tanabata, I went to get a new year card.. With the new year card, you can visit every scenic spot in the city in the next year.. Since the annual card cannot take effect until 24 hours after it is opened, the planned date for going to huaguo mountain is set for Saturday, August 22..

   Before leaving, I wanted to invite my sister to go, but the sun was too high and my girl was afraid of heatstroke.. I am the one who has decided the matter, that is, I will definitely go, regardless of whether he suffers heatstroke or not. Anyway, I will definitely go..

   I took BRT to get to monkey's mouth, then took bus no 10 to get to the gate of huaguo mountain at monkey's mouth bridge.. It took me about half an hour to walk to the gate of the scenic spot. The sun was shining and the clouds were light and the wind was light.. Of course, I also took a lot of photos. The Great Holy Lake is still so clear.. I've been here before, because I didn't have a year card, and I always wanted to come here with certain people, so I stopped thinking about going to the scenic spot.. When I finally stepped into the scenic spot after brushing my year card, I had mixed feelings.. I think I still haven't fulfilled my promise. I once said I would come with someone, but I came first after all.. I saw the aunt of the scenic spot riding a small car on patrol and tidied up the rubbish as soon as she saw it.. I can see the sweat on her face, yes, the sun is very big, and the scenic area staff are also very hard. So the road we see is clean and tidy..

   I still see many tour buses parked in the scenic spots. There are about 40 tour buses in Shandong, Shanghai and several other cities in Jiangsu.. The scenic spot is full of people from inside. Adults and children may start school.. There are so many children that they feel like the parent-child tour..

   I saw a lot of people along the way, and I also looked at everyone's expressions carefully.. These people who passed me by have their 金洋娱乐注册 own stories. In my eyes, they are passers-by A,B,C,D;.. Today we are all breathing the air of the same city. I wonder if people from other places are satisfied with the scenery of Huaguo Mountain.? Thinking, I think of it today, is only in my mind inside once again the scene at that time. (责任编辑:admin)




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