My father's composition is 300 words

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   Article 1: My Dad

   My father, 34 years old this year, is tall, with thin lips and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his high nose bridge. He has short black hair and looks extremely cool.. My father has great endurance, not only loves his work, but also has a cheerful disposition and never loses his temper with others..

   Dad is a workaholic. He is Go Out Early And Come Back at Dusk all day long. He is also an unshakable "Ruyi Jingu Bang" at home-sitting in the computer room either drawing or watching the computer.. Because he is a secondary computer engineer! There is only one day off-Sunday, he still needs half a day to go to the computer to look for information..

   On one occasion, when I was doing my math homework, I was suddenly puzzled by an asterisk question. I thought about it from left to right. scratch paper used two sheets and still couldn't do it.. I went to ask my father, and he understood 金洋平台 at a glance. He took a piece of paper and drew a picture to tell me. He told it three times. My mind was still blank in inside. I thought my father was going to scold me and thought, "Oh,no."! Dad said, "Wen Wen, I'll tell you again for my father.". I am very happy. I understand this time. I have done my homework in an orderly way.. The next day, the teacher also praised my question. I thought to myself, "This is all my father's credit.".

   I am proud to have such a father..

   Article 2: My Dad

   My father was born on June 1 Children's Day, which may be the reason why he will never grow up.. Although he is 35 years old, he is full of pranks and humor like a child..

   My father always gets up early every morning, and then he starts to wake me and my mother up.. If we don't get up, he has a lot of Las malas intenciones: turn the stereo to the maximum, put his cold hand under the bed, and inside ice me.. If we don't get up yet, he will pull the quilt away at once.. My mother and I protested loudly, our voices were almost hoarse, but he smiled triumphantly.. (责任编辑:admin)




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