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   Although China has repeatedly declared its sincerity for peace to the world, the international community does not seem to believe China's promise. A stronger China makes many countries in the world, especially neighboring countries, feel uneasy.. On the surface, it seems to be caused by the mistakes of inside's current centralized system and international policies in a society where ethnic consciousness prevails..

   The advantage of our current system is that it can concentrate manpower and material resources to solve the difficult problems faced by western democratic societies.. This is also often the envy of politicians and thinkers in inside, a western democratic society.. At the turn of the century, China was able to get rid of its bad luck due to several economic crises, thanks to special measures under this system.. This makes some developing countries with imperfect democratic systems envious and makes their democratic process more tortuous.. However, quick success and quick profits come at a price. It is only a matter of time before the world learns the lesson.. Maybe a few generations or a dozen generations. It's just that the pressure of the current administration is too great to take care of these.. Stop thirst by drinking poison senseless measure is also a kind of helpless. Let's take a look at the way we solved the stock market crisis a few days ago. It is not simply a problem of not abiding by economic laws.. By extension, it is enough to frighten all countries in the world..

   Although there is no precedent of war between two democratic countries in the world so far, this does not mean that there will definitely be no war between democratic countries.. However, the probability of a war in a democratic country is much smaller than that in a centralized country, especially in a large country under a democratic system. It is extremely unlikely that a nation-wide war will be launched on its own initiative.. The simple truth is that the decisions of many people are always much more difficult than those of a few people.. On the other hand, it is easy to satisfy the wishes of a few people, while it is difficult to satisfy the wishes of the majority (it is natural that you will not agree if you cannot satisfy the wishes). However, this does not mean that centralized countries can launch wars at will. The lessons of the two world wars tell the world that no one is the absolute winner in the war between big powers.. War between great powers under modern civilization will surely be a disaster for all mankind.. The result of the local war is nothing more than a trade-off between gain and loss. The full-scale war is equivalent to the human Mass suicide.. The greatest achievement of mankind in the 20th century was the ability to commit mass suicide.. (责任编辑:admin)




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