Chinese Valentine's Day Greetings Sincere Chinese Valentine'

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   I fell in love with you at first sight, hugged you without saying anything, came to you for three days and two ends, nobody kissed you, married you in five days, and stayed together for 60 years.! Inside Blesss You on Valentine's Day!

   The seventh evening of the seventh lunar month arrived, and the heavenly queen sent an urgent telegram: lovers should love each other as before, and those who do not have lovers should not cry. those who are looking for lovers should have the courage to give, and those who cannot find lovers should not be afraid of losing.. May your fortune be like an ox, your career like a tiger, and your love be happy..

   What is lost is the regret that cannot be made up for.. What deepens is those thoughts that are increasing day by day.. What I miss is the happy past. Tanabata Festival is coming, don't be too sad, cherish the present and cherish the future..

   On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, magpies give good news, laugh or not, happiness, romance, happiness, beauty and blessing. I wish my dear friends that the fire of love will never go out.!

   I have already obtained my fate visa and my love passport. I will set off from magpie bridge Airport on the 7th of the romantic festival and fly across the vast galaxy to the country of love.. There are two tickets waiting for you, Be There or Be Square!

   Qian Shan is difficult to cross with thousands of rivers, where to leave the situation? How much sorrow does distant land have? Only by holding you in my arms can I stop hating you.! On the 7th of July, the stars all over the sky are like your bright eyes, I solemnly wrote: Because I love you!

   Fine clouds make tricks, flying stars spread hatred, and short messages cross the border.. Acacia meet each other, then wins but countless in the world. Gentle as water, The Girl in Blue, lost in love. When the two feelings were delighted, a short message was sent to watch the dusk..

   I haven't seen you for a long time, but I've always kept in mind your motto: steamed buns are precious, steamed buns are more expensive, and if you have spareribs, you can throw them both away.. Happy valentine's day on Chinese valentine's day! (责任编辑:admin)




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