Ferry oneself

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   Inspirational article: ferrying oneself

   The days of life in inside are sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy..

   On the road of life, there will be smooth sailing, and it will also hit the ferry without boats and the river bank without bridges..

   Worry and anguish are often like thunderstorms in summer in inside, which suddenly waft and drench the heart.. Frustration and suffering often come at you off guard. You may be knocked down before you can give a sound of Exhalation.

   Falling on the shore of frustration and suffering, the four week are boundless darkness, without lights, stars and even the breath of people.. Terror and despair reached out from the darkness of inside and gripped the poor life tightly.. Some fell on the shore and never got up again, while others broke a boat for themselves in the dark inside and ferried themselves to the other side..

   At the age of 20, Shi Tiesheng, who suddenly lost his legs, broke a boat for himself.. This is a ship named "writing". It was because he saw through "death is a matter that need not be worried, and one that cannot be missed no matter how delayed", that he folded the boat for himself in wheelchair inside, ferried himself out of the temptation of death, inside, "and decided to try to live."

   Being studying for a doctor's degree, but suffering from motor neurocytoma, Stephen Hawking, unable to speak or move, had a dream of being executed himself.. After waking up from a dream, he suddenly realized that if he was pardoned, he could do many valuable things.. So he gave himself a boat of thoughts and sailed into the mysterious universe to explore galaxies, black holes, quarks, "flavored" particles, "spinning" particles, "time" arrows .

   The ship hastily folded on the miserable shore has become the Landgericht of unfortunate fate..

   Maybe we won't encounter such a catastrophe in our life, but have we ever got rid of overcast days, rainy days, snowy days, or the entanglement of despair?! Torture of life, one is survival, one is love, they often suddenly turbid rolling stand in front of you, weighed down with anxiety to find a bridge in the past, to find a boat can cross the past. This kind of despair, no way to go who don't meet with a few times in my life! (责任编辑:admin)




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