Behind every girl's favorite song, there is a story that has

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   1, love, not to find a person who can live together, but to find a person, without him, can't live.

   2, take the effort to hate a person, prove that you still care, only hurt yourself. Sometimes, hard forgetting is the best revenge..

   3. There are not so many indifferent people in the world. The real lover is taught by you, not by you picking a big bargain and falling from the sky without pains..

 金洋注册  4, road, impassability, choose to turn, heart, unhappy, choose to look pale; Love, gradually far away, choose casually.

   Happiness is for feeling, not for comparison..

   6, very few people, very few people, just have the treasure, if you really have, then you must not let go.

   7. Love is a process of killing each other's enthusiasm but increasing mutual tolerance.. The temperature of passionately in love will gradually retreat and problems will gradually emerge.. If you are still doubting love or not, then it is very difficult for you to go to the so-called future you envision..

   8, just don't let yourself have been trapped in the abyss of pain, there are always setbacks in life, that is not the end, just the change of direction.

   9, we are all very good at duplicity, but we all hope that the other party can notice it..

   This world is not a world of rich and powerful people, it is a world of willing people..

   11, everything carefully, step by step, if a young man can really do that, is also very sad.

   12. Life is too short to cherish the present. That's all we can do.. What else can you do? The future is unpredictable and the past cannot be reversed..

   13, youth, is doomed to turbulence, to tears and sweat, injustice, unwilling and failure.

   14. When we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest form of gratitude is not what we say, but what we actually do..

   15. Behind every girl's favorite song, there is a story that has not been told.. (责任编辑:admin)




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