Childhood pigment box _500 words

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   Childhood fun like colorful pigments, these pigments in the original blank paper, casually sprinkle pen after pen, make the original white paper, with vitality . Can let me the most unforgettable thing, it is pink-

   At that time, I just attended kindergarten. One day, I saw grandma watering the stout pomegranate tree in the house. I asked grandma, "grandma, why is the pomegranate tree so tall and strong?"? "

   "Because it is often watered by rain and dew! "Grandma said. "then why do I often take a bath but it doesn't grow up? That's because you use tap water for bathing, but trees use rain water.! "Grandma said jokingly. I was thinking .

   Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to rainy days.

   Glittering and translucent beads of rain splattered on the ground, forming clusters of plain flowers, like diamonds and pearls scattered all over the ground . Beans big raindrops splashed with glittering and translucent splash. On the eaves, rows of rain 金洋娱乐 are falling down, like rushing waterfalls, more like hanging a curtain. Through the water curtain, I seem to see the flowers in the park, inside, standing tall and erect leaves, drinking greedily at the rain.. It's really quiet! I rushed into the rain inside, gritted my teeth, endured the cold, let the heavy rain a chilling. In the evening, instead of growing taller, I caught a cold.. It's true that Bluff (poker) can't afford to lose rice.!

   Now I have grown up, but I won't do stupid things like getting wet in the rain and growing tall again.. But this pink pigment will remain in my childhood paint box forever..

   Grade 5: Happy Purple Glass: Gu Yuxin





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