Love is a kind of meeting, can't wait, also can't prepare

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   Guiding words: see through but don't say, a lot of things, as long as you know. No matter how much we love each other and how much I love you, life is still my own.. I have the right to live as well as to die.. For those who love persistence, remember that persistence is OK, but not Loving You Hurts.

   One, see through but don't say to wear, a lot of things, as long as you know.

   Second, before finding the right person, the only thing to do is to be good enough..

   Three, life is a process of cultivation, why use this uneven heart to look at people and things, humiliate yourself, failed to live up to the years.

   Four, Do not forget your initiative mind, so as to achieve your final goal. Only through detours can we be more sure of what we wanted most at the beginning..

   Five, a person lives and dies, but as long as you live, you must live in the best way..

   Six, a lot of times, we think too much, will let oneself so uncomfortable.

   The reason why you feel lonely is not that no one cares about you, but that the person you care about doesn't care.

   Eight, love, is a person with hazy mood from one-way street to two-way street.

   Nine, is the continuation of its life, continue to bear the wind, withstand the rain, facing another cycle.

   What a liar gets is that even if he tells the truth, no one will believe him.

   Eleven, don't tell others you suffered today, don't say anything to others, because it is useless to say it

   Twelve, sometimes you need to back off a bit, wake up, and then remind yourself, who am I and where to go

   13. When you have nothing, you will always be firm and persistent with warm things.

   Fourteen, a lot of times, because there is no choice, people often go the right way

   Fifteen, to ideal not fantasy, passion not melodramatic. Everything is happy when it is satisfied..

   16. For those who insist on love, remember to insist, but not Loving You Hurts.

   Seventeen, A Thing Called Love is to present ongoing, past, no longer love, just old love.

   Eighteen, after the pain will not feel pain, some will only be a cold heart .

   No matter how much 汇盛国际 we love each other and how much I love you, life is still my own.. I have the right to live as well as to die..

   Twenty, I always hide in the depths of dreams and seasons, listening to flowers and night singing nightmares, singing prosperity, singing off the route of all memories.

   Twenty-one, we-are looking for, looking for, that we all have the ending

   Twenty-two, that night, I smoked a lot of cigarettes, smoke into your face. I waved a hand, everything has become a thing of the past.

   Twenty-three, take my hand, close your eyes and you will not get lost..

   Twenty-four, no one is tired of drinking water because of the insipidity of water, so don't abandon life because of the insipidity of life..

   Twenty-five, love is a kind of meet, can't wait, also can't prepare.

   Twenty-six, belong to oneself, don't give up; What has been lost is reserved for memory..

   Twenty-seven, the original and words with children have never been happy, their happiness is like a naughty child, wandering to the skylight, wandering to the skylight but still refused to come back

   Twenty-eight, can't find a reason to stick to it, then find a reason to start over, life is so simple.

   Twenty-nine, youth is to open the book that cannot be closed, life is to set foot on the road that cannot be returned to the head, love is to throw out the bet that cannot be collected.

   Thirty, looked out of the window in front of the scene, like a slide flash across. Corners of the mouth up, smile and laugh at yourself.

   31. Happiness is not because you get more, but because you care less

   Thirty-two, what do you want now, lest others know, otherwise like to lose.

   Thirty-three, the world, see you two people a lot, few people accompany you two.

   Thirty-four, time is not let a person forget the pain, but let a person accustomed to the pain.

   Thirty-five, lost things, in fact, never really belong to you, also don't have to regret

   36, accompany, is whether you need it or not, I have always been in.

   Thirty-seven, the tragedy of love lies in: getting better does not give each other space, hate does not give each other a chance.

   Thirty-eight, some things to know, don't have to say more. Some people just get to know each other and don't have to be close friends..

   39. When you have nothing to lose, it is when you begin to get it.

  Forty, life is a journey, don't care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery..





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