Where Are All the Time's Composition: 700 Words

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   Where Are All the Time's Composition: 700 Words

   "In front of the old tree grow new buds

   Dead trees bloom again in the courtyard.

   Half survived a lot of words

   Hidden in the white hair

   The little feet in memory

   A fleshy little mouth


   Listening to this song "Where Are All the Time", I couldn't help but burst into tears.. Indeed, Where Are All the Time?

   Twenty-nine days have passed. Six days after the summer camp was removed, that is, 23 days. What have I done in these 23 days?? Looking back on this month, I only finished the examination questions sent by the school and did not do most of the homework assigned by the teacher.. Alas, I really can't imagine how I did these questions. I finished 100 pages of questions and some homework in 23 days. what an amazing number for me, 23 days?!

   When I was in school, I could finish a 4-page test paper, sometimes even two, in 45 minutes in a class. Now, I finish 100 pages of test paper in 23 days. What is the meaning of this?? Alas, is the passage of time fast or is my IQ low??

   I went to the second day of junior high school. The recommended titles for the first semester of the second day of junior high school are "Life is a moment story" and "How The Steel Was Tempered". The Chinese teacher asked us to make comments. I read "Life is a moment story" first. Alas, one day, I only read 19 pages?! I depend, when I was reading a book, sometimes I could finish reading a book a day, but now, I read 19 pages a day, which shocked me. I wanted to test whether my IQ was "250" and whether my eyes were blind at that time.. I really took you..

   A few days ago, I heard a radio saying that the time to go to the toilet should 汇盛国际 not exceed 3 minutes. I have a bad habit of reading books when going to the toilet. therefore, it is "common practice" for me to go to the toilet for more than 10 minutes. now, after using 3 minutes, I am crazy. I wanted to smash the radio at that time, but I was listening to the following sentence: if I go to the toilet for a long time, it will be bad for my intestines.. Alas, forget it, for the sake of my health, I'm throwing caution to the wind!

   Today, I asked my father to time me when I went to the toilet. As a result, I felt that only one minute passed, but I heard my father's cry: "Three minutes are here."! I'll go. What's going on here?? Just come here for a little while, the time is up..

   Alas, Where Are All the Time, do you need to run so fast??





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