Please lend me some time to prove my love.

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   In a realistic society, people's eyes are becoming more and more realistic.. What kind of person you choose to marry is no longer measured by whether you are happy or not. People only see material things and a good family, and they say you are married well.. Under such realistic pressure, I feel very tired in Choose Love. I silently insist on it, but I can't get the approval of my family.. My family always felt that I was not worth marrying because he had no money and said that he would not come to see me when he gave birth to a child, because he had to pay the travelling expenses, which made me very sad..

   I really want to tell them, can I borrow some time to prove my love??

   Why do I feel happy but become unhappy in the eyes of others?? I hate the eyes of those forces, the hearts that only see money..

   What saddens me most is that my parents do not support me. Why are you not happy when you see me happy? Everyone has different values. Some people think money is happiness, but I am not. What I want is love, care and concern.. People who are poor will not be poor for the rest of their lives. As long as they strive for self-improvement and hard work, will they still have money in the end??

   Don't go to anything better than somebody else's? If someone else's daughter marries a rich man, it is someone else's business. Maybe her life is better than mine, but I will change my fate by my own efforts.. A man in his twenties, who really depends on his ability and has little money, is usually given by his parents at home.. Marry a person, marry is not family circumstances, why must be in happiness above set a material button?

   No matter what others say, I still insist on my choice.. The poor only have feelings, which is better than the rich.? Which one is born with wealth, not to earn it by hard work. For marriage, married a good man, married a person you like, is not the greatest wealth?

   I really hope my parents can give more tolerance. I know that going to college cost you a lot of money and I know what you expect of me, but I really don't want my marriage to be above material things.. I have not forgotten your hard work and your devotion to me, and I will repay you.. But all I really want is your concern, your understanding and your tolerance.. Rather than sarcasm, ridicule, despise.

   Sometimes I am very tired. I am very happy to marry him, but the pressure is always invisible and makes me very sad..

   I am thinking, after I gave birth to my daughter, I must let him choose the person he likes, not to interfere with her, as long as she feels happy, even if she is married to a farmer.. If one lives his whole life without even the least happiness, then what is the point?? Continuous struggle, continuous efforts, the last is for the sake of what? Not to be happy?

   Go your own way and let others say it.. I know that one day I can announce loudly that my choice is right, There will be a day like that's. Happiness is what one feels. one knows only if one's shoes fit or not. why should one care about the appearance in other people's eyes?.

   Take some time to let me prove love, prove my choice, prove that love 汇盛国际 without bread can be happy, because love is the best motivation..

   Author: Flying Swordsman Butterfly





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