I don't care about things that aren't worth it.

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   Wei has been in love twice..

   One is that the best friend pried away her boyfriend, and the love and friendship with GAMEOVER will drive anyone with good temper crazy.. Everyone helped to come up with ideas, come up with all kinds of revenge on the men and women, Wei as long as a little reference, will let two people prostrate. However, everyone was filled with indignation, but Wei replied calmly: "Let them go and hope they can live together forever.".

   The second time was when her boyfriend was narrow-minded.. Xiao Wei went out to dinner with a male colleague. When she was seen by her boyfriend, she went into uproar. Is there any intimate relationship between Question closely and her?. Wei did not explain, and she broke up with her boyfriend, who also readily agreed, and then quickly disappeared.. Everyone felt suspicious and thought that the man had long wanted to break up and was afraid that Wei would fall in love with him. therefore, he deliberately picked a piece and had to show some color to such people.. Although Wei was also angry, she still gritted her teeth and said, "It is better to separate such people earlier.".

   Such a good temper, let everyone collective speechless, then think, this girl is a bit silly.

   Wei also has a talent for fooling around at work.. Colleagues intrigue, on the surface of mirth, stab people in the back, eager to trample the somebody else all down, when the elite themselves. Wei has also encountered many cold knives. In the face of this kind of situation, the average person will retaliate and suppress the arrogance of the other party. Wei, like a person who has no matter son, neither seeks revenge nor complains in front of the leaders. He just keeps a distance from the other party, making people want to hurt and can't hurt her..

   To the leader, Wei lacks the countermeasure even more. Everyone else is flattered, either saying nice things, or giving gifts, or some hidden rules, but Wei is indifferent.. She also spoke plausibly when others advised her: why should Souls for Sale please others when I eat according to my true ability? As a result of being lofty, other people get more year-end awards than she does..

   Not willing to face the reality, learn not smooth life, this is also a kind of silly.

   What is even more foolish is that the bonus is lower than others, the salary is not higher than others, but they work at the same time.. Wei is always doing her job fast and well, with such high efficiency. Of course, the leaders are willing to work in Multiple dispatch. Therefore, she has also done a lot of extra work, putting time and energy into it, exhausting herself, but not complaining at all..

   Wei's silly reputation is completely solid. What was even more unexpected was that one day she suddenly found her boss and asked her to take the team and show all her previous work performance.. Although the boss expressed his appreciation, he still sent Wei back.. Wei didn't plan to just forget it. Every few days, she found the boss again and made the same request again..

   After three times, she took the initiative to leave pack up and quit, went to another company, found another boss, and made the same request.. Back and forth, more than 30 companies were found and the requirements were surprisingly consistent.. Some people think that her strength is good. They hope that she will lower her requirements and exercise first. 汇盛国际 However, she refuses to adhere to the principle.. In this way, people in one track minded are really stupid enough to be helpless.. Just when everyone was crying, Wei did find a job like that. Although the salary was not high, but the position was satisfactory, Wei went to work in Lancelot Dent.

   Everyone stare big eyes, salary is not high what's the matter, the higher the position, the more things to do, the greater the responsibility, Wei this wench, mind?

   Wei chose to be stupid to the end.. After several years of work, I quit my job and opened a studio of my own. From registration to design to recruitment, I was so busy that I didn't even have time to eat.. Everyone looked at her, who had lost a circle, and felt that it was really not worth it. She did not earn more money than she did at work, but she worked so hard. Why?

   Wei cheerfully insisted on doing it and slowly developed. Now, the studio has become a company, and Xiaowei, a former employee, has become a real boss..

   At the same time as her career was successful, Wei also got a share of The Good Love. That person loves her, understands her, is willing to tolerate her, and is willing to grow old with her..

   Now Wei is living a happy life. everyone can't believe it. how can such a silly Wei get all the happiness so easily??

   Wei smiled and said: I am not stupid, but unwilling to care about what is not worth it.. I only do what I want and don't get distracted by other things, so it is easier to get happiness.. (责任编辑:admin)




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