Fan Wen, Love Letter in Secret Love: When You Pass My Bloom

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   Secret Admirer's me can only fall in love with you in the dream of inside, and only in the dream of inside can we be so sweet and happy..

   In Dream inside, I used an excuse to go round and round, and I would also like to visit you at the side of your house..

   In Dream inside, I almost widened my eyes and clenched my fist when I heard people talking about your bad behavior.. My heart is still aching for you.

   In Dream inside, you defended yourself, my family environment and financial ability. It also accuses me of being unrealistic, overestimate own ability..

   In the dream of inside, your beautiful figure and charming smile always made me unable to help it. As a result, you kissed me and woke up, it was 汇盛国际 your wife who kissed on the face..

   We always meet at that intersection. We have never felt before. It tastes like chocolate sweet.

   You are nearby, but we can only pass each other, want to get closer, courage but not forward.

   Since then, you have stayed in my heart, my image is no longer casual, and my behavior has changed for you. I hope I can attract you a little and see me more.

   Want to take your shoulder, kiss your face, miss is always a beautiful picture, like can only precipitate,

   The love letter you wrote is hidden and you dare not see it. The oath you made is whispered and you cannot hear it (Meiwen. COM. Cn)

   First love claims to be the most beautiful thing in the world, secret love is the most hidden thing in the world, and then secret love is unforgettable.. This poem depicts the true heart and behavior of a secret admirer in brief words. It can be seen that the author of the poem is a spoony person, and for various reasons he started a secret love without the other party's knowledge..

   I don't know how you came into my life, let alone how your image was engraved in my heart.. Ignorant years, fascinated by me, unexpectedly so no return, give up life to forget death for your changes in temperature and happiness pains, care.

   All I know is that I am happy and happy when I am in unrequited love. When you approach my full bloom, we fall in love without hesitation..





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