Distance _2

时间: 作者:劳她

   Without even realizing it, Rip Into Your Injury was struck by time.

   Without flying, they broke their wings..

   I have never been frivolous, my face has been stained with wind and frost.

   They have never sailed far away, and their dreams have been stranded on the beach.!

   Conspiracy and calculation are endowed with infinite strength.

   Loneliness and loneliness, in the gap of time.

   I still like it. On a sunny afternoon,

   A Fun with Xiao Mao on the Roadside.

   Still like, barefoot running in the mountains,

   Catch a butterfly and let it go when you have had enough fun.!

   Still like, peeking at the squirrel,

   Holding the pine nuts, she looked around warily..


   Still like, unconstrained style be crazy for,

   Those gifted scholars and beauties, ancient and modern leaders,

   If you are reincarnated to this day,

   What will it look like?

   There are also those mountain spirits and tree monsters, immortals and Taoist priests.

   Are you wearing 3 o'clock or an ancient costume??

   Surprised, the moon rises in the west and darkens in the day.

   Another good day passed away..

   Back to the hustle and bustle of the town,

   But my heart stayed on the mountain.!





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