Memories are too long and time is too short.

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   When I am alone, I always take pains to look back and recall. And memories, like a person standing on the railway track, looking at the long memories like the railway track, but can't talk about it. Previously, when I think back to the past days, I would always be disappointed, 汇盛国际 but now only Enron is left.. Because I know that the past days are like the past memories, and the past memories will be as long as ivy leaves and will eventually die..

   During the period when I resigned, I went back to my hometown and went to the middle school with a friend.. He asked curiously: "I have graduated for so many years and have lived there for 3 years. what is there to see?"? "In fact, there is nothing else, just want to go back for a walk, say goodbye to that period of youth without a trace of calm.

   I know that those who have appeared in our lives will one day, or even earlier, hula away like a gust of wind.. Those who said "no goodbye" could finally say "goodbye". They did not say goodbye, nor did they have too many words. Thus they gradually disappeared in life, never saying "goodbye" or Let's Not.. However, it doesn't matter, because no one will accompany you through your whole life, and no one will stay with you forever. In this spiritual practice of life, inside, everyone has his own life track, and at the moment of parting, we also grew up..

   That day, my good friend and I said that I had a very long dream. I dreamed that I smoked, fought, and went to bars … I did everything I didn't do or dared to do while studying.. My good friend only silently replied, "You are past that age.". "Yes, I have passed that age, can no longer rebel, the days of youth, and I have no more.

   Youth? Youth! At that time, I really thought it was a cheap thing, so cheap it was worthless.. Looking back now, I found that youth is the most precious thing. No matter how you live, you feel regretful. No matter how you live, you feel that you are wasting your youth and the best time..

   I forgot who said to me: "Youth is the best. Please cherish the time when you wore your school uniform. When you took off your school uniform, you will never wear it again. The rest is only memories.". "And now when I think back, it turned out to be true. The three years seemed to be a long time, but in the end it was found that the time was too short, and the memory left by inside in these three years was the longest.. The school uniform that was once the most annoying can never be worn back..

   Sometimes, I think youth is really beautiful. During that time in inside, we all loved one person and had repeated dreams one after another. The other person appeared just to change your boring youth.. There is a person in everyone's heart. Do you want to know whether he is well or not, and like to say the name of that person silently in your heart. Even the slightest hint about him can cause a shudder in your heart.. I always hope that one day I can meet each other unexpectedly or even have a wonderful chance encounter like drama.. I don't know whether this is love or not, because I am too young, so it doesn't matter whether I love or not. What matters is that I have been silly to walk through the time when I was young..

   Today, when watching "Left Ear", I played inside and said, "Love is love when it is right, and youth when it is wrong.". "In my youth, I did not experience a vigorous love, I don't know whether this is lucky or unlucky. Why isn't Gimilis Bichebi a play? It's just that we all acted too truly and finally hurt ourselves so much. After the injury, we learned that growth is always accompanied by tears and pain.. If I ask you now what love is, I think what many people can think of now is material satisfaction. What love is there now?.

   Days go by glanced at it briefly, how many years had passed lightly. Those unexpected encounters have gradually become memories.. The coming of Season of graduation, the tail of youth that bid farewell in a hurry, and the time that has been disturbed are, after all, only a story from a book named inside.. Leaving does not ask for the future. The past that cannot be said goodbye is dazzling and painful by the summer sunshine.. Who and whom are you missing when you were young??

   Heard that Forever Young has opened again, flowers bloom is missing, at the moment, you are thinking about who?

   Author: Dandelion at Night





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