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   -Remarks on the Launch of Li Donghua's Prose Poetry Collection "Heart of Poetry"

   Wen/Yang Ruhong (Gen Gen Gen)

   Today, I have the opportunity to sit here and discuss the prose poems of Kaiyang's famous prose poet, Mr. Li Donghua, together with the old predecessors, old leaders, old writers, old poets and friends of Wen Peng's poetry. I am honored and honored.! Please allow me, on behalf of a large number of young literary lovers in Kaiyang, to pay tribute to the leaders who have devoted a lot of efforts to the literary cause and to the old writers and poets.!

   The founder of Guizhou's "Dushan Legend" poetry theme park, Guizhou's young poet Guo Yong (alias desert blood), said in an interview with CCTV: "Because I am a poet, I am a good man.". "If this sentence is used on the teacher Li Donghua, I think, is more appropriate. I read Donghua teacher's prose poems at the "pear flower dream" prose poem competition sponsored by several poets in Kaiyang around 1995 and published them in "Anshun literature and art". It seems that it was in 2004 that I met the real donghua teacher. he was the party secretary of the Wen guang bureau at that time. I was seconded to Kaiyang TV station as a reporter. due to my timidity, I did not seize the opportunity to consult and learn from the teacher. it is really a pity. Soon, Donghua teacher immediately transferred Huali to be party secretary.. I clearly remember that he gave me some documents at the beginning. I put them in Jiutong Road's residence. He went to Huali to pass by my door and called me to return the documents downstairs.. When I sent the documents downstairs and saw him driving a shabby Santala car alone, a strange pain suddenly surged in my heart: how difficult and helpless Donghua teacher, who has the dual status of a township cadre and poet, is.! For various reasons, I also continue to teach in my hometown.. In 1978, when the teacher was transferred to the secretary of the party Committee of the education bureau and sponsored the "kaiyang education" magazine, we established a deep friendship because of poetry, our desire for expression and exposition, and our persistent pursuit of poetry in our hearts.. A poet who worked as a teacher, a staff member, a cadre of villages and towns, and a secretary of the Party Committee of the Bureau of Science and Technology; A poet who has been writing prose poems for more than 30 years regardless of changes in his work. A poet who spared no effort to assist young writers to walk to the palace of poetry.. Is today's "poem road heart language" author-Li Donghua teacher. A person who is not kind and does not have great love in his heart can't stick to politics and literature for so long..

   Poet Li Donghua's persistence is mainly manifested in the creation process of prose poems and his pursuit of the depth of his works.. In the process of creation, Chairman Yi Liu of Kaiyang Federation of Literature and Art has a rather wonderful memoir in preface 2 of "Heart of Poetry" entitled "Simple and Meaningful, Writing Style Flowing True Feelings". Chairman Liu recalled with deep feeling the persistence of Donghua teachers in prose poetry creation from the beginning 汇盛国际 of the 1980s to today and their deep feeling of profound friendship. This article is very touching.. Therefore, I will not repeat the creation process of teacher Donghua here.. On the excavation of the depth of the works, Yan Yan, vice-chairman of the China Prose Poetry Research Association and a famous prose poet, wrote in "Humanistic Feelings and Emotional Favour-Li Donghua's Prose Poetry Collection"<诗路心语> In Preface 1, there are also examples and analyses, and I would like to talk about them in depth.. Teacher Li Donghua's pursuit of depth in his works is mainly manifested in the following three aspects. First, the works have strong regional characteristics. "Folk Song", "toasting song", "Fishing Song", "Frog Song", "Ancient Ferry", "Ancient Pagoda", "Ancient City Wall", "Mountain Road", "Wujiangdu", "Ten inside Gallery", "Embroidery", "Round Jumping", "Wooden Leaf Sentiment Rhyme" and "Duge" are all selected based on the native land of Kaiyang, which shows that the poet is deeply impressed by his love.. "A section of the city wall, hiding a solemn and stirring story. Tyrants build the Great Wall, churn gray sand with blood and tears, and use bones as bricks and stones. And the people built the city wall, with unity as the horn of encouragement, with royal disgrace as the rope to carry the stone . the city wall was built up layer by layer, and the faith to resist foreign invasion was built up day by day . "(the ancient city wall) did not put the truth into his hometown, such a poem is not written out.. Second, the work has done its best to expand indefinitely on a single image, and has constructed an image system that serves the artistic conception.. The word "image" is an important concept in ancient Chinese literary theory.. The ancients thought that meaning was an internal abstract mind, like an external concrete object. Meaning originates from the heart and is expressed by means of image, which is actually the sustenance of meaning.. Teacher Donghua's poetry creation completely follows the process of observation, feeling, brewing and expression. when life reappears, the heart feels and reposes on some selected concrete images, making them blend into some emotional colors, thus creating a specific artistic world.. When we read his prose poems, we can do secondary creation, which can basically permeate our emotional color on the basis of restoring what the poet saw and felt.. For example: "The years are falling off one by one.". Miluo River, lift ancestor poet's red heart very high, the repeated heavenly questions can wake up the fatuous king.? "("Miluo River, the Soul of Poetry Flowing in One Thousand Years ") The poet effectively promoted the embodiment of the sound of the sunset and the river flowing in Miluo River, deepening it with" red heart "and" heavenly question "and finally reaching the shocking intensity of" shouting and waking up ". The poet kept asking questions while writing about Qu Yuan's jump into the river. In the last verse, he suddenly shouted, "Miluo River, please tell me! . "The artistic conception of poetry is how spectacular! Third, let's sing and break through the traditional poetic expression of famous mountains and great rivers.. There are many chapters in "Heart of Poetry" by Donghua teacher, which are about famous mountains and great rivers: Dongting Autumn Moon, Huaqing Pool, Qin Terracotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Wall, Visit to Forbidden City, butterfly spring, Love Rhyme of Three Pagodas, Love Thoughts of Erhai Lake, Stone Forest, Emei Buddha Light, Yueyang Tower, Ancient Town of Fenghuang, etc.. The ancients wrote about famous mountains and great rivers, either staying on the surface or expressing personal gain and loss and loneliness. However, Donghua teacher's prose poems can often achieve the overall improvement from personal emotion to public emotion and social emotion.. In the fourth year of Chunxi's reign in the Southern Song Dynasty (1177), Fan Chengda toured Emei Mountain and made a detailed observation and description of "Emei Glory" in his nearly ten thousand-word poems "Emei Travel Notes" and "Emei Group Poems: Deng Guang Xiang Tai Guan Fo Guang". It vividly records the different times, locations, colors, forms, magic plots and features of Emei Glory. However, teacher Donghua's Emei Buddha's Light completely removed the pen and ink from the simple scene and gave a strong color to the emotion: Buddha's Light is like a young girl, like qiong lou, like the capital of Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty, like The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon, like the waves flowing in all directions, like a man emerging into a fairy. The beauty of Emei is myth and dream- (责任编辑:admin)




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