It is also unnecessary for girls to keep their domineering s

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   It is also unnecessary to try very hard to pull if you cannot keep it.

   Life is not Lin Daiyu, sadness cannot be Duets.

   Just see you and forget your expression,

   If you feel disappointed and powerless now, how will you carry it so far in the future?.

   Don't blaspheme all of them just because you can't see them.

   I kissed your face and your hands felt so sweet on my shoulders and I was so attached.

  汇盛国际 Those who love me please continue, and those who hate me also don't give up..

   Relive the smile you gave or not.

   Please, time still returns to once happiness.

   Who can replace who, but I can't go back. -You are always my constant insistence.

   You saw me laughing, but you didn't know how painful it was behind it..

   I have always wondered what is good about your cold appearance, which charms the hearts of so many young girls and is willing to give and compromise for you for so long..

   Don't think these word lengths are useless.

   We are all too realistic to blame. Everyone has so-called love in his heart..

   The most romantic three words are not "I love you", but "together".

   Some people, always laughing at me, only know that it is better to do it if you want, otherwise it is useless..

   There was a time when I lived in my heart but said goodbye to inside.

   Happiness is like a shadow behind you, you can't catch it, but as long as you go forward, it will always follow you.

   The difference between lies and oaths lies in the fact that one listens and the other takes it seriously..

   Everyone has his own way of giving for his lover.

   I can see a lot, there is a not give up, a calm, a helpless, a blame for yourself.

   God created happy men and women, and also created happy men who belong to me.

   I have some friends, who have all recognized their true love in the past..

   There is a The Wall in your heart. No matter how hard I try, I can't get into it.

   Unexpectedly, I can always see their sadness.. Inadvertently, we are always avoiding the past..

   One eye can see the world while the other becomes so dark..

   There are too many sudden things in life, so we always wonder what would have happened if it had happened at the beginning.

   I can't escape time, but I can't escape memories. I can't catch up with your steps and fleeting time.

   I have seen many people like your face, your hair and your eyes, but none of them are your face..

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   Love Signature: Horizon You and I Can't Intersect.

   The only thing left is music.. The part behind the prosperity hurts you and me to taste it together....

   The simple question on QQ is too early and too heavy to say goodbye just because you are good.

   If, a few years ago, I saw a few years later my general appearance, will not love dearly? \\

   The name you shout out when you are most afraid must be the name of your favorite person.

   You said never to part, but now you have left first..

   Can you forget because of the gear of time??

   You live in a world without me, I live in a sky with only you..

   Say "I love you" in one minute, explain this sentence in one hour, and prove this sentence in a lifetime..

   You have never loved me, why should I be reluctant to part with you

   After too much experience and understanding, not all men can always tolerate your willfulness.

   I know you when I take off my makeup. It's called makeup.. I can't recognize you without makeup. It's called disguise..

   My gloomy world is beautiful because of you

   This is a world of popular departure, but we are not good at saying goodbye.

  In fact, I will loathe to give up your leaving. In fact, I will be sad. In fact, I am not so mature and strong.

   It turns out that nothing lasts forever. friendship and love will leave you, won't they?

   Even after breaking up, I can still lend you a gentle shoulder when you cry.





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