A true story I can't express(2)

时间: 作者:土加

   Unexpected sadness, unexpected cry that you poured into my arms, just like the dead person has nothing to do with you, and there is no sad expression on your face. on the contrary, you wear thick makeup, bright lipstick, ultra-short skirt, high heels over 10 inches, bag slung over your arm, cigarette in mouth, and walk beautifully dressed on the campus path.. I saw your indifferent eyes, showing disdainful flashes when passing by me..

   You didn't contact me at first. You joined hands with other boys in the campus inside. The intimacy was just like that of Husband, Wife & The Extra, who had just got married.. My heart ached for a long time, but I was finally numb and fell into the arms of inside at night. I couldn't cry if I wanted to..

   "why don't you ask me? "

   "You have your choice, just, you, do it, is it worth it? "

   "Worth it, devoted to, only you have always understood me. Mo, let's break up!"

   I know. What about you? Watching you push yourself into the fire pit of inside, I did nothing. The hand that stopped me was weak in front of you. Without the courage to move forward, I would only stand and watch your twisted figure walk into the abyss of death..

   That day, there was a strong wind, and the rain also came down. It was very heavy. The rain was blown around by the wind and hit the dry cement road in inside in June, branding one watermark after another.. Those watermarks spread 汇盛国际 slowly, magnified, and gradually the whole miserable world of Occupation..

   According to the newspaper, a girl and three boys from XX county high school held a birthday party in a restaurant and died of accidental poisoning.. Only I know the truth of the matter: under the guise of your birthday, you brought together the three boys who used to spread rumors to kill * * * and ate the cake you poisoned, killing them together.. Holding this newspaper, I stood in the pouring rain, thinking of my ridiculous thoughts, and roared..

   I know, always know, your sudden change is in naked revenge, you no longer believe in this world, including our love, but I always thought that you would one day turn back and return to my arms. I imagined my greatness, let you pursue hatred, still stand behind you, do not expect happiness for a lifetime, give yourself a grandiose reason: what you are doing now is what you want to do, and you are very happy. All wrong, always wrong, but this mistake can never be redeemed..

   When you left, we couldn't go back to the place where the time began. At the moment when the prosperity was exhausted, I could only watch silently by myself.. Silently recall your hair fragrance, the black sweater you knitted for me, the mark you left with me on camera inside.. Those places are full of your deep love, but at this moment they have all turned into the most sincere red bean acacia, buried quietly in winter in inside.. (责任编辑:admin)




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