A true story I can't express

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   More Sad than Sadness (Note)

   On a person's night, the circle surrounded by the black curtain goes around Hormones several times. I wander in the deserted lane and watch the epiphyllum wither and bloom. Not far from the street lamp, rows of numbness stand, each other's shadow, appear very funny. At the foot of the road, has been extended, extended .

   Is such a scene, in every fall into a lonely sleep quietly come, dream of inside those lonely, follow my pace, until the morning.

   I never expected that you would stay by my side, laugh with me, make trouble with me, and live with me forever.. In this life, I want you to be happy and not sad..

   Therefore, when you and I were nominally male and female friends, I tried my best to do anything for you, even if my soul was too weak to moan in pain alone and saw your smiling face, I would be extremely happy..

   You often say that a person should not belong to anyone except herself.. So, you never belong to me. Whenever you walk past me holding the hand of other boys, although my heart is in pain, I will still look at the back of you leaving, standing in the wind inside, laughing and crying..

   You also said: life is too short to enjoy in time.. Then, there are a bunch of boys around you, pretending to smile at you, and you are surrounded by them, high above, like a queen.. Just, did you ever know that at that time, you were still my girlfriend?

   You only said to me: stranger, let's break up!

   I won't be angry because I know, I know the sadness buried behind your smile, I know the great grief you are secretly enduring, and I know the absurd reason why you are leaving me..

   The night is cool like water, the streets are quiet and cold, and bungalows on both sides are arranged in an orderly way. However, there are no street lamps on both sides of the street, and the passers-by are few and far between. Several neon lights flash and give off enchanting light. Occasionally, banners are hung at the door of several shops, which are full of Manina, the Girl in the Bikini in Duets. The dim light in the house adds some ambiguity through the thick curtain. This is a cramped corner of the county town of inside. It is said to be a red-light district..

   This is a secret and a fact. It is very cruel. It is like a corpse buried underground in inside that has been sealed for thousands of years. The moment it was excavated, it stinks to the sky..

   "Have you heard, whose mother was a prostitute, and who is her mother and don't know the name of the client gave birth to hybrid. "

   A period of 18 years ago was thus exposed to public rumors.. At that time, you were hiding in my arms, counting our happy years in the future, imagining us embracing and kissing on the unnamed lake and listening to the echo of love in the Aegean sea. you always said: stranger, in this life, we will all be happy!

   In this life, we will all be happy! If, if this life only stays at yesterday's moment, we will all be happy.. But .

   Don't want to recall that day, you cried hysterically and tears drifted in your footsteps.. You want to go back and ask * * *: mom, is this true, is this true? they say you are a prostitute, I don't have a father, I am a hybrid, I am a hybrid! Your body has been moving towards the ground along the legs of * * * like mud soaked by a heavy rain.. I am standing outside your house, my heart is like a tightened towel, and I will never shed a drop of blood again..

   * * * It's A Good Woman. Neighbors all say so.. In the 18 years since she moved to inside, * * * worked conscientiously in a small clothing factory and brought you up alone. She never went to her birthday, never bought herself new clothes, never bought any cosmetics, and always lived a simple life. However, she never stingy with money to send her daughter to the best elementary, junior and senior high schools, as if her life did not belong to her, but only to her daughter.. Only 18 years ago, no one knows.

   I saw * * * pupil inside swirling tears flow not to come out, sad look on his face is self-evident, hands naturally drooping along the outline of the body, the corners of the mouth slightly shaking, behind simple furniture became the most sad background. She didn't speak, broke off your hand, walked into the back room with empty steps and closed the door.. Outside is your cry, inside is surprisingly quiet.

   Later, no later, * * * never came out, hiding in the back room with a bottle of pesticide to end her life, she died peacefully, with light makeup, quietly lying on the bed, just didn't have time to close my eyes, looking at the dark roof above, or even more above the heaven.

   All this came too suddenly. The happiness of more than ten years was shattered in a few moments. The whole world was full of haze, just like ancient Worm.Mail.Savage, which fell silent.. You stand still in front of your mother's grave and become a tree written by San Mao.. (责任编辑:admin)




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