The Broad-minded Realm of Life

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   An open-minded person has a big heart and a wide heart.

   It is most suitable to send a bright moon to a heart with too much dirt.. Let the bright moon light up the dust-covered heart. What a magnificent and magnanimous thing it is, and what kind of heart has no bad feelings. A large belly can hold all rivers flowing.. An open-minded person has a big heart and a wide heart. Not only will he walk wider and wider in his own life, but he also points out a broad road for others..

   Silence is better than noisy, silence is better than slander.

   Weathered people, despite the repeated changes of human feelings and changes in temperature in the fickleness of the world, are too lazy to open their eyes again to ask what is 汇盛国际 right and wrong. People who see through the ways of the world are indifferent to all slander and praise in the world.. Zen Master Bai Yin may not be one of these two types of people. How broad-minded he was in judging and criticizing the past world situation..

   In life, when we are wronged by others, if we try our best to explain, white will be black.. Silence is better than noisy, silence is better than slander.. There is no need to ignore unprovoked attacks; there will always be times when the truth comes out..

   To really help a person, one must have tolerance for vulgarity.

   A cup of salty water that is difficult to enter the throat can also become cool dew if injected with a drop of sweet crystal spring water.. Put down the inner butcher's knife, can also be transformed into a pure white soft white clouds. To really help a person, it is best to have tolerance for vulgarity and magnanimity to forgive others, and absolutely not to be stuck in loneliness because one thinks oneself lofty and casually suspects or rejects them and does not associate with anyone..

   Some things need to be taken seriously, while others need not be taken too seriously.

   The sea of people is vast and the interpersonal relationship is complicated. Many unprincipled matters need not be too entangled.. All things to recognize the truth, more strength will offend people, will set up an additional obstacle to oneself, add a fence. So, seriously need to carefully weigh. There is no need to be serious about trivial details, no need to be serious about irrelevant details, and even less serious about tense standoffs..

   Nourishing the heart is better than curing diseases.

   When pursuing a career, you should leave some space, some leeway, and pay attention to your physical and mental health.. The heart gives birth to various diseases.. Our hearts are sometimes agitated, sometimes delusional and sometimes angry.. The body is ill, can use medical treatment; The heart is ill, how to treat? The essence of heart prescription lies in moral cultivation..

   As long as you are calm and live in peace and are not swayed by worldly snobbery, and your body and mind are in a good state of indifference and peace, it will certainly be conducive to health and longevity.. Suit the remedy to the case and cure the disease by self-medication..

   Conquer others not by fist, but by wisdom.

   In life, many people will encounter unexpected injuries.. No matter whether the person who hurts you is unconsciously or deliberately challenging you, a broad-minded person should adopt an attitude that does not conform to his general knowledge.. The tragedy of losing both sides can be avoided by dodging skillfully for a while..

   The people who criticize you are your relatives and friends.

   No matter at work or in life, if you want to sell your products or yourself, you don't have to care about the attitude of others.. It is often our closest people and best friends who criticize us in our life, and their words are also most beneficial to us.. The most important thing is to distinguish between the powerful and the self, and to improve and enhance the self..

   What is your heart, you will see what kind of life

   The existence of objective things will not be perfect, as I wish.. The key is to have the desire and enthusiasm to become friends with others in your heart.. What is your heart, you will see what kind of life. If you want to find the enemy, you will find the enemy. If you want to find friends, you will find them.. People who are not good at getting along with others will find it difficult to get along with others wherever they go.. People who are good at getting along with others will get along well when they meet anyone..

   To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself, to hurt others is to hurt yourself.

   People with extreme personalities will lose their goals in life if they don't know how to handle the situation.. To be kind to others is to be kind to oneself, to hurt others is to hurt ourselves. As long as we are open-minded, we will all benefit each other. Is it good to harm others and not to benefit ourselves?? It is not necessary to take extremely irrational actions. How can we talk about development if we cannot survive?? (责任编辑:admin)




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