You are my most beautiful encounter

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   You are my most beautiful encounter

   Meet, is the world's most beauty spot; Knowing each other is the most lasting beauty in the world. Loving each other is the most valuable continuation in this world.. I would like to hold hands with you in the future with the most sincere heart and purest feeling.. After years of ups and downs in life, I have long understood that you are my most beautiful encounter..

   Meteor, so beautiful, but so short. I don't know how long our meteor can fly in the sky, is it worth my life to pursue?. Looking and searching, I am lonely looking for someone who can accompany me in my whole life. However, I dare not easily make a promise for my whole life, and only float quietly in this world of mortals. I have to use my shallow words to tell the anguish that is difficult to vent in my heart.. Countless past events have faded away. However, the track of memory still leaves deep scars in my heart. I know very well that you are my most beautiful encounter..

   Three years ago, we were all childish faces. Three years later, we have embarked on the journey of life independently.. Perhaps, on this journey, we can be partners all our lives. Perhaps, on this journey, we can In life and death. Of course, this is also my original expectation. After parting, I realized how precious we were living and studying together at that time. I missed that wonderful time.. Now, I also understand that you are my most beautiful encounter..

   Think of me when I met, how ignorant and naive I was then.. Think again of you when you met, always so cute. At that time, I did not know that I had planted a seed of love accidentally.. So many days and nights, we had a long talk, we talked until late at night. That year, we cried, laughed and quarreled. Now that I think about it, I was really naive at that time.. But now, I can only think about that time, because distance has deprived us of opportunity and time.. When parting, you are still you, I am still me, the love tree in my heart has grown up, however, it can only be in my heart. Maybe one day, we will find it by chance. Now, all I know is that you are my most beautiful encounter..

   I once imagined that if there were not so many encounters in life, there would not be so many joys and sorrows.. However, life is a process of meeting those people and things.. Because they met, those days were full of meaning. Because of the meeting, those days have brought happiness. Because we met, we had the expectation of happiness.. I love traveling very much. Perhaps life is just like traveling, meeting and parting all the way. However, only the person who accompanied me on the trip will never leave me..

   In my life, there is actually only one person I really love. In my world, that person is the one that makes me fall in love for the first time.. Some people only accompanied me through a journey, but it was only a journey, not a journey.. For the next better meeting and for the next wonderful reunion, I am working hard to complete the transformation. I hope you will see a better me when you visit The Reunion (2011 American film).. In order to meet and meet again, I cherish myself and love myself more..汇盛国际

   It has always rained recently in Xindu. Although it is cold, when I am alone, I will lean on the window to watch the rain, reflect on the past and think about the future.. Rain, beating heart, beating life. At this time, the rain was written into my mood and my life.. Looking back at life, an encounter gives the two souls resonance and tacit understanding. This is the most beautiful encounter, how accidental and precious it is..

   A meeting, beautiful you, beautiful me, beautiful whole life.

   We will eventually grow up alone, but I am convinced that we will meet again at some junction.. Because, you are my most beautiful meeting.

   On the night of November 18, 2014





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