Tanabata, only Sauvignon Blanc Xi Mister Buddwing

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   Tanabata is a day when lovers meet.. But this Tanabata, I can only Sauvignon Blanc Xi Mister Buddwing, missing the person who has walked out of my life, remembering the good times I passed with him, but I can't meet him again..

   He and I are not people who care about festivals, but we have a day of common concern, the Tanabata Festival, because he and I met on the Tanabata Festival two years ago.. On that day, there seemed to be a mysterious force that led us to meet each other by a series of coincidences.. The Tanabata of that year was the most unforgettable 汇盛国际 day in my life, opening up our love and making us deeply attached gradually..

   Our second Tanabata Festival was romantic and meaningful under his careful arrangement, which deepened our feelings.. We agreed that we would accompany each other through every Tanabata Festival in the future. When we were too old to walk, we sat watching Altair and Vega and recalled the Tanabata Festival we spent in those years.. When we made this agreement, we were all sincere and full of expectation. How did we expect things to change too fast? We lost our status and qualification to perform the agreement before the first time we performed the agreement..

   The seventh day of July this year is no longer our Tanabata Festival, but my Tanabata Festival, because we broke up two months ago.. Without the identity of being together, I have no qualification to spend Tanabata with you, only missing and remembering.. Unfinished agreements, lingering thoughts and unforgettable memories may be the heavy burden I have to bear on every Tanabata festival in the future.. I met you and fell in love because of fate, but because of fate, I have never had a chance to see you again. Since then, I have become estranged from the world, and I have been in peace with myself. Maybe I won't have the chance to see you again in my life..

   Tanabata, only Sauvignon Blanc Xi Mister Buddwing, is our deep friendship shallow. I wish that all over the world All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill. would share this beautiful festival, and there would be no more bitter lovers like me who lived alone on Tanabata, thought of old friends and recalled the past..





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